Winter Elections, Referendum, and Survey - February 21st, 2008

499 people voted in this election. Write-ins that recieved less than 4% of the vote are not displayed.

Class of 2011 Senate Election

There are currently two vacancies. (Choose 2): 163 voters

Saumitra Thakur69% (112)
Daniel Bamba51% (83)
Keemi Ereme40% (65)

Class of 2010 Senate Election

There is currently one vacancy.: 98 voters

Mason Bradbury80% (78)
arajashekar109% (9)

Class of 2009 Senate Election

There are currently two vacancies. (Choose 2): 79 voters

Selena Xie90% (71)
Jackie De La Fuente90% (71)

Class of 2008 Senate Election

There is currently one vacancy.: 76 voters

Dan Lees82% (62)
mmcintosh0811% (8)

Judiciary Council Election

There is one vacancy.: 274 voters

Garrett Snedeker64% (175)
Josiah Bethards33% (90)

Proposed Amendments to the AAS Constitution

The AAS Senate has approved the following amendments to the AAS Constitution. A majority referendum result will ratify such amendments.

The text of the AAS constitution can be found here.

Words to be added are underlined, and words to be removed are in strikethrough.

Amendment I
Article V. Section D.
2. Spring Elections: the Executive Branch and the Chair of the Judiciary Council shall be elected separately from all other positions on the first Thursday Tuesday of April. All campaigning and elections guidelines shall apply to all candidates but all Senate and Judicial Council positions shall be elected the third Thursday Tuesday of April.
4. February elections shall take place on the third Thursday Tuesday of February if there are vacant positions within the Senate, Executive Branch, or Judiciary Council.

Do you approve this proposed amendment?: 327 voters

Yes90% (294)
No10% (33)

Amendment II
Article V. Section F.
4. The Elections Committee shall sponsor a Speech Night, an evening preceding the elections by at least one day, the object being to allow the candidates to make a public statement and answer any questions posed by members of the audience. Speech Night is mandatory for April elections and first-year senate elections. Speech Night for other elections will only be held if a member of the Amherst College student body requests it for that election cycle. Requests must be made on the Thursday before the election. The Elections Committee is responsible for notifying the Student Body of Speech Night. Failure by a candidate or their proxy to attend the Speech Night shall result in termination of candidacy.

Do you approve this proposed amendment?: 331 voters

Yes76% (253)
No24% (78)

Television Survey

A list of the currently available channels are available here.

1) In an effort to expand the news media outlets available to students on campus, would the addition of al-Jazeera English and BBC World to the current channel selection be useful to you?: 424 voters

Both al-Jazeera English and BBC World48% (202)
BBC World only39% (164)
Neither al-Jazeera English nor BBC World13% (54)
Al-Jazeera English only1% (4)

2) The current TV cable system has reached capacity, and the addition of any channels will likely need the removal of a current channel. Would you still support the additions of al-Jazeera English and/or BBC World if this becomes an issue?: 392 voters

Yes60% (237)
No40% (155)

4) Additionally, would the addition of an international sports channel (one that focuses on athletic competition beyond the scope of standard ESPN and other American-based channels) be of interest to you?: 406 voters

Yes57% (233)
No43% (173)