Referendum on the Purchase of Additional Vans - December 11th, 2007

595 people voted in this election. Write-ins that recieved less than 4% of the vote are not displayed.

Referendum on Additional Vans

The Student Senate of the Association of Amherst Students has approved the allocation of up to $44,000 to purchase two vans to supplement the current one van available for student use.

Do you want the Assocation of Amherst Students to purchase additional vans?: 495 voters

Yes87% (430)
No13% (65)

If additional vans are to be purchased, how many vans should be purchased?: 445 voters

2 Vans: $44,000 out of reserves for purchase; $6,600 annual upkeep for both vans total67% (299)
1 Van: $22,000 out of reserves for purchase; $4,700 for annual upkeep of one van33% (146)

Spring Concert Survey

The Programming Board wishes to refine the top choice for Spring Concert based on the previous survey.: 560 voters

Third Eye Blind30% (169)
The Roots24% (136)
Goo Goo Dolls24% (136)
Rihanna21% (119)