Midterm Presidential Runoff and Surveys - December 4th, 2007

809 people voted in this election. Write-ins that recieved less than 4% of the vote are not displayed.

Run-off Election for AAS President

No candidate gained a majority of total votes cast in the previous election, and so a run-off between the top two vote-getters will determine who fills the upcoming vacancy for AAS President.
: 683 voters

Ayyappan "Pan" Venkatraman 0959% (402)
Nick Pastan 0941% (281)

Spring Concert Survey

1. This vote will determine the 'Top 10 Ballot for Spring Concert 2008.' Please vote for three (3) artists per category (a total of 9 votes).

Alternative Rock/Punk Rock (Choose 3): 718 voters

Goo Goo Dolls59% (427)
Third Eye Blind57% (406)
The Strokes43% (307)
Hootie and the Blowfish35% (249)
All American Rejects30% (216)
Fountains of Wayne17% (119)
Simple Plan12% (85)
Less than Jake10% (73)
Breaking Benjamin7% (51)

Folk Rock/Indie Rock (Choose 3): 731 voters

Modest Mouse40% (290)
Snow Patrol35% (253)
The Decemberists31% (228)
Ben Harper30% (222)
Beach Boys30% (219)
OK Go28% (208)
OAR27% (200)
Jason Mraz27% (196)
Wilco21% (150)

Hip-Hop/R&B (Choose 3): 710 voters

Rihanna45% (321)
Ludacris42% (298)
The Roots42% (297)
Akon36% (259)
John Legend29% (206)
Lil Wayne25% (175)
M.I.A.21% (148)
Ciara21% (147)
Fabolous8% (54)
Juvenile3% (21)

2. Choose which option you would rather have - (a) one spring concert with one of the artists listed above or (b) one spring concert with two of the following artists:
Breaking Benjamin
Fountains of Wayne
The Donnas
Less than Jake
: 697 voters

(a) Spring Concert with one artist listed in the first question79% (550)
(b) Spring Concert with two artists listed above21% (147)

Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Survey

The Faculty Committee on Priorities and Resources (CPR) is investigating opportunities to enhance student-faculty collaborative research. We are currently gathering student input on the interest level on campus. Please answer the following questions.

Class Year:: 728 voters

201027% (196)
201126% (191)
200824% (174)
200920% (146)
2009E1% (8)
2010E1% (6)
2008E1% (4)
2011E0% (3)

Major/Intended Major:: 706 voters

Humanities38% (266)
Social Sciences27% (191)
(Natural) Sciences23% (164)
Unsure12% (85)

How interested would you be in collaborative faculty-student research opportunities?: 693 voters

Very Interested51% (356)
Somewhat Interested37% (258)
Minimally Interested9% (60)
Not Interested3% (19)

Are you familiar with the research interests of your professors?: 693 voters

Somewhat Familiar35% (241)
Minimally Familiar29% (198)
Not Familiar25% (170)
Very Familiar12% (84)

Are you familiar with the academic internship program?: 691 voters

Not Familiar63% (438)
Minimally Familiar23% (162)
Somewhat Familiar11% (73)
Very Familiar3% (18)

During what time periods would you be interested in participating in student-faculty research? (check all that apply): 639 voters

Interterm36% (228)
Summer35% (225)
Academic School Year29% (186)

Have you participated in an academic internship (academic internships include Hughes fellowship, Academic Intern Program, Mellon Internship, Schupf Scholar, etc.) before?: 659 voters

No89% (589)
Yes11% (70)

If you havenít participated in an academic internship (including academic intern program, Hughes Fellowship, Schupf Scholar), what factors prevented you from doing so? (check all that apply): 543 voters

Donít know about the the programs50% (273)
Donít know how to find academic internships17% (90)
Too busy with other engagements15% (83)
Prefer other types of internships (i.e. non-profit, professional, etc.)8% (42)
Others5% (28)
Lack of Interest5% (26)
Tasks not intellectually engaging0% (1)

If you have participated in an Academic Internship,

How did you obtain your internship?: 67 voters

In response to an advertisement/announcement58% (39)
I approached the professor27% (18)
Professor approached me15% (10)

How intellectually engaging were your tasks?: 71 voters

Very Engaging49% (35)
Somewhat Engaging42% (30)
Minimally Engaging8% (6)
Not Engaging0% (0)

How prepared did you feel for the work assigned to you?: 69 voters

Somewhat Prepared65% (45)
Very Prepared26% (18)
Minimally Prepared7% (5)
Not Prepared1% (1)

How involved was your supervising professor in your tasks?: 69 voters

Very Involved43% (30)
Somewhat Involved41% (28)
Minimally Involved13% (9)
Not Involved3% (2)