Masspirg Vote - April 18th, 2007

512 people voted in this election. Write-ins that recieved less than 4% of the vote are not displayed.

MASSPIRG Funding Vote

MASSPIRG is a statewide student-directed nonprofit which does research, education, service, and advocacy on public interest issues such as poverty relief and environmental protection. MASSPIRG chapters across the state pool resources to hire a staff of professional organizers and lobbyists to work directly with students on issues.

Every two years Amherst students vote on whether to keep a MASSPIRG chapter on campus, funded through a refundable nine dollar fee added to each studentís semester tuition bill.

Do you support the continuation of a MASSPIRG chapter at Amherst College?
: 497 voters

yes68% (340)
no32% (157)