Executive Board Elections, MASSPIRG, Surveys - April 17th, 2007

827 people voted in this election. Write-ins that recieved less than 4% of the vote are not displayed.

Executive Board Elections

Candidates must win over 50% of the vote to win. If no candidate receives the majority of votes in the first election, there will be a run-off election of the top two candidates.

Write in candidates must obtain at least 5% of the vote in order to be elected.

President: 654 voters

mazeidan30% (198)
Patrick Benson '0828% (184)
Joshua Stein '0820% (132)
npastan0918% (120)

Vice President: 473 voters

Raj Borsellino '0867% (319)
ssiegal0826% (124)

Secretary: 390 voters

Austin Yim '0889% (346)

Treasurer: 425 voters

Anneliese Koehler '0995% (404)

Judiciary Council Chair: 387 voters

Michael Guttila '0993% (360)

MASSPIRG Funding System

The MASSPIRG vote has been delayed due to a challenge pending before the Judiciary
: 0 voters

AAS Prize for Liberal Scholarship

The AAS Prize would be a named prize awarded to a junior, sophomore or freshman for a piece of academic work in any field which most strongly embodies the link between learning and public service or citizenship that characterizes the Amherst education, and the liberal education in general.

The recipient of the prize would deliver a short speech on education and citizenship to the incoming class the following year.

Do you support the establishment of such a prize?: 651 voters

Yes79% (513)
No21% (138)

Support for Political Activism

The administration has made a strong commitment to expanding institutional, organizational and financial support for Community Engagement at the college.

Do you think there should be an expansion of institutional, organizational and financial support for students to pursue activism on social and political issues?: 640 voters

Yes80% (512)
No20% (128)

Support for the Arts

Do you think there should be an expansion of institutional, organizational and financial support for students to pursue the fine arts?: 650 voters

Yes85% (554)
No15% (96)

Cable TV Survey

Seven new channels will be added to the campus cable TV service. What would your preferred choices be? (Choose 4): 770 voters

The History Channel52% (399)
Bravo51% (395)
FX40% (305)
Food Network38% (292)
Animal Planet30% (232)
Spike TV29% (221)
Fox Sports Net28% (214)
Disney Channel21% (165)
Sci-Fi Channel21% (165)
ABC Family Channel19% (147)
MSNBC18% (138)
Nickelodeon11% (83)
Fox News9% (66)
TVLand8% (62)
Home & Garden TV2% (18)
The Hallmark Channel2% (17)
New England Cable News2% (15)

Valentine Survey Question 1

Valentine currently offers two dining plans, They are:
1) Unlimited (3 meals a day)
2) Bonus Bucks (lunch and dinner only, with $100 that can be used as cash in Valentine, Schwemm's, Catering, and vending machines with card readers).

Are you satisfied with these options?: 746 voters

No72% (535)
Yes28% (211)

What additional options would you prefer?
: 549 voters

Any 16 meals/week47% (259)
Any 2 meals/day33% (179)
Any 100 meals/semester15% (80)
Some or all meals on weekdays, no meals on weekends6% (31)