Midterm Elections and Referendum, Publications - February 20th, 2007

378 people voted in this election. Write-ins that recieved less than 4% of the vote are not displayed.

Senate Election - Senior Class

One Senate seat has been opened to the class of 2007 by a resignation.

Candidate statements.
: 49 voters

Katherine Willis 0786% (42)

Senate Election - Junior Class

Three Senate seats have been opened to the class of 2008 by resignations.

Candidate statements.
(Choose 3): 120 voters

Joseph Silver 0866% (79)
Halley Riley 0863% (75)
Griffin Biedron 0858% (70)
Andrew Maslan 0841% (49)

Constitutional Question 1 - Funding Referenda

To Section IV (Budgetary Committee) append

H. Any discretionary request for a single event of $10,000 or more that has been previously approved by the Senate shall go to a school wide referendum within seven (7) days of Senate approval. An affirmative vote by a simple majority of voters is required to finalize the allocation. If no such majority is garnered, no funding shall be allocated.
: 285 voters

Accept this addition81% (231)
Reject this addition19% (54)

Constitutional Question 2 - Master General Accountability

To Section IV (Budgetary Committee) append

I. Any rule regarding the expense of moneys by the Senate and Budgetary committee shall be applied to the expense of all moneys originating from the student activities fee.
: 183 voters

Accept this addition74% (135)
Reject this addition26% (48)

Constitutional Question 3 - No Contest Constitutional Change

A mechanism for the correction of Grammar, Punctuation, and obvious foolishness.

To Article X (Constitutional Amendment) append

C. Passage by the Senate Without Contest.
a) The Senate may, by ¾ vote, initiate an attempt to amend the constitution “without contest”. After such a vote the elections committee shall by an all campus email give notice and call for contestation.
b) If a petition with the signatures of 10 students is presented to the Elections chair within 7 days the attempt fails and the amendment cannot be passed without referendum.
c) If no valid petition is so submitted within 7 days, the amendment may be passed into the constitution by a majority vote of next meeting of the Senate.
: 233 voters

Accept this addition75% (175)
Reject this addition25% (58)

Constitutional Question 4 - Faculty Committee Eligibility

An Amendment to allow Senators who are JC members to hold seats on Faculty and Trustee Committees.

In Article VII Section B-2-A

Replace “These Senators may not serve concurrently on any other committee of the Senate” with “These Senators may not serve concurrently on any other standing Senate committee.
: 225 voters

Accept this change80% (180)
Reject this change20% (45)

Constitutional Question 5 - JC Interim Member Selection

To Article VII Section C

Append The Judiciary Council chair shall submit to the Senate an ordered list of 5 stand-by JC members. The senate may vote by simple majority to not approve this list, at which point the JC chair shall re-submit a list, taking into account the Senate’s objections. In the event that a JC member is not available for a hearing, through recusal or otherwise, the JC chair shall appoint interim members in order from the list of stand-by members.
: 164 voters

Accept this addition85% (140)
Reject this addition15% (24)

Constitutional Question 6 - JC Records Availability

To Article VII Section C-4

Append The Judiciary Council chair shall keep record of previously published JC decisions and make them available to the JC and to all students.
: 221 voters

Accept this addition97% (214)
Reject this addition3% (7)

Constitutional Question 7 - Appointments Board Eligibility

An Amendment to allow seniors and others to sit on the Appointments Board.

In Article III. Section D-6-A-3.
Append Sitting senators shall not be considered ineligible for the appointing board so long as they do not seek any other office of the AAS.
: 172 voters

Accept this change85% (146)
Reject this change15% (26)

Publications Survey

If you could have another publication in Valentine, in addition to the NY Times, what whould it be?

Choose 3. The results may be used as the basis for a runoff.
(Choose 3): 366 voters

Wall Street Journal47% (173)
Weekend New York Times47% (173)
Washington Post37% (135)
The Onion36% (133)
USA Today25% (93)
Boston Globe25% (92)
Financial Times13% (46)
LA Times11% (42)
Christian Science monitor8% (29)
San Francisco Chronicle4% (16)