Spring Concert Revote - December 7th, 2006

391 people voted in this election. Write-ins that recieved less than 4% of the vote are not displayed.

ACPB Spring Concert Survey

Please select up to three (3) choices of the artist you would like to see perform at Spring Concert on April 28, 2007. Voting will last until Sunday, December 10 at midnight. (Choose 3): 390 voters

Wyclef Jean39% (154)
Mos Def38% (149)
Dashboard Confessional33% (128)
Jason Mraz33% (127)
Busta Rhymes32% (126)
Ciara26% (101)
Lupe Fiasco21% (80)
Chris Brown20% (79)
Sugarcult19% (73)
Robin Thicke10% (40)

Bradley Shuttle Survey

The Bradley Shuttle Committee is evaluating the usefulness of the shuttles in order to make better plans in the future.

1. Have you ridden the Bradley Shuttle in the past?: 306 voters

No62% (191)
Yes38% (115)

If yes, answer 2 and 3. If no, answer 4.

2. Have you found the Shuttle times convenient?: 125 voters

Yes71% (89)
No29% (36)

3. What times would have made the Shuttle more convenient?: 86 voters

More frequently in the middle of the day58% (50)
Earlier in the Day31% (27)
Later in the Day10% (9)

4. Why have you not ridden the Bradley Shuttle?: 202 voters

Donít fly from Bradley Airport54% (109)
Have other transportation arranged20% (41)
Days of the Shuttle donít work well with schedule20% (40)
Times arenít convenient6% (12)

5. Had you heard of the Sunday Shuttles back to Amherst after Thanksgiving?: 256 voters

No51% (130)
Yes49% (126)

6. Would you ride a Sunday Shuttle back to Amherst?: 202 voters

Yes71% (143)
No29% (59)