First-Year Senate Run-off and Musical Referendum - October 19th, 2006

389 people voted in this election. Write-ins that recieved less than 4% of the vote are not displayed.

First-Year Senate Run-Off Election

The first-year Senate Elections on October 4 resulted in a tie for the eighth place spot between Peter Tang and Jarrad Littleton. Please select one of these candidates to fill the eighth spot.
: 184 voters

Peter Tang72% (133)
Jarrad Littleton28% (51)

Interterm Musical Referendum

In accordance with the Bylaws of the Association of Amherst Students, Article V, Section F:

"Any discretionary request for a single event of $10,000 or more that has been previously approved by the Senate shall go to a school wide referendum within seven (7) days of Senate approval. An affirmative vote by a simple majority of voters is required to finalize the allocation. If no such majority is garnered, no funding shall be allocated."

The Senate has approved a Budgetary Committee Recommendation to allocate $15,000 to the Interterm Musical "City of Angels."

The $15,000 will be part of a $21,750 budget, which is broken down as follows.

Budget Breakdown:
Salary: Scott Parry, Director: $3,000.00
Salary: Brian Lussier, Tech Director: $1,200.00
Salary: James McNamara, Lighting Designer: $1,200.00
Salary: Sean Cote, Set Designer: $1,200.00
Salary: Beth Smolin, Costume Designer: $2,000.00
Hotel Costs for Director: $750.00
Lighting Rental: $4,000.00
Set Construction: $2,000.00
Costumes: $4,500.00
Makeup/Wigs: $700.00
Royalties: $1,200.00

Do you support the allocation of $15,000 to the Interterm Musical?: 328 voters

Yes, allocate these funds.81% (267)
No, do not allocate these funds.19% (61)