Senate Elections and TV Survey - October 4th, 2006

624 people voted in this election. Write-ins that recieved less than 4% of the vote are not displayed.

Student Senate Election for Class of 2010

The AAS Senate consists of eight (8) students per class. Click here to find the candidate statements.

(Choose 8): 283 voters

Michael Britt54% (154)
Eileen Chau54% (152)
Juliet Silberstein47% (132)
Victoria Marin43% (122)
Han-Gwon Lung42% (119)
Justin Park41% (117)
Michael White II41% (115)
Peter Tang39% (111)
Jarrad Littleton39% (110)
Charles Carter Hall39% (110)
Saad Cheema36% (103)
Kristine Bergman36% (101)
Ali Gladstone35% (100)
Malcolm Peyton-Cook31% (89)
Daniel Kim27% (77)
Dragon Gray25% (72)
Caroline Darmody22% (61)

Senate Election for the Class of 2007

There is currently one vacancy in the AAS Senate for the Class of 2007. Click here to see the candidate statement.
: 65 voters

Piper Crowell82% (53)

Survey on Televisions on Campus

Do you think television sets will augment the intellectual experience of the campus?: 524 voters

No59% (311)
Yes41% (213)

In which venues would you like to see televisions placed? Select as many as you want, or provide additional comments below. (Choose 3): 352 voters

Schwemm's Coffeehouse, Keefe Campus Center78% (274)
Keefe Campus Center Atrium62% (219)
Valentine Hall55% (192)