Mid-Year Elections and Referendum - February 18th, 2005

382 people voted in this election

Junior Senators

Select Senators from the list below. (Choose 3): 230 votes

Emily Silberstein30% (69)
Matt Vanneman29% (67)
Jon Godsall27% (63)
smscriber3% (7)
balessi2% (5)
mpsubbaraman1% (3)
tvpho1% (3)

Senior Senators

Select Senators from the list below. (Choose 2): 74 votes

bhlawrence38% (28)
jglake24% (18)
dlbugge7% (5)
mrlentz3% (2)
wlmui3% (2)
tmenon3% (2)
ddtarlow1% (1)
zhsugarman1% (1)
kmharwin1% (1)
lvknopf1% (1)
brhiller1% (1)
ccwilson1% (1)
dababbott1% (1)
cthoxie1% (1)
1% (1)
kogaston1% (1)
bcsieck1% (1)
rlfoster1% (1)
gedoty1% (1)
ndstern1% (1)
msubramanian1% (1)
aprung1% (1)
adjames1% (1)

Judiciary Council Members

Select Judiciary Council Members from the list below. (Choose 2): 515 votes

Timothy Zeiser33% (169)
Frank Park26% (136)
Jia-Jia Zhu18% (92)
Daniel Wilkenfeld17% (87)

Constitutional Referendum

Clauses to be inserted are underlined. Clauses to be removed are struck-through.

Article I, Section E

3. Each senator will be required to perform one project per year that benefits the student body. Students may form groups composed of not more than four (4) senators to work together on large projects. Each project must be approved by the Senate. Funding from these projects will be derived from the "Senate Fund" portion of the Master General Fund. In the event the "Senate Fund" is depleted, requests may go through the discretionary processes as though it were a normal discretionary request from a club or other non-AAS associated entity. On the Last Monday of March, Senators must submit their progress, including purpose, procedures, and outcomes for their project to the Judiciary Council. Only JC members elected from the student body at large will review and make recommendations regarding which Senators have successfully completed the requirement. The JC may recommend that a Senator has "completed" his or her project if and only if they are absolutely certain that the project will be completed by the end of that academic year, even if it has not been completed when the report is filed (i.e. an event has been completely scheduled and booked when the report is filed, but the actual event will not take place until after the last Monday of March). Senators who fail to complete their project as determined by the JC recommendations will be barred from re-election for one year, ending in the first week of April in the year following. Each Class Council will be required, as a group, to perform one project per year to benefit their class and one project to benefit the entire school.

4. The class and school wide project for each class must be approved by the Senate. Classes may work together on their school wide projects, pooling funds to create larger events.

6. 4. Class council may call all-class meetings to consult their classes on issues raised in the Senate and/or on their class projects.

7. 5. At least one eligible member of each class council shall attend faculty meetings.: 283 votes

Yes, make the proposed changes70% (197)
No, do not make the proposed changes30% (86)