Election For November 17th, 2004

630 people voted in this election

Each Class Council of the Association of Amherst Students (AAS) is responsible for performing two projects throughout the year. The purpose of one of these projects is to promote unity among the class. The Freshmen Senators would like to purchase board games for the common room of each Freshman Dormitory. We are running this survey to allow the class to decide which games we should buy. Please select your dormitory below, and click on a maximum of six (6) choices of games that you would like. If you would prefer a game not listed below, please e-mail your Class Council at aas2008@amherst.edu.

Dormitory: 189 votes

Valentine17% (32)
Pratt16% (31)
Appleton15% (28)
Plaza14% (27)
North13% (25)
Waldorf-Astoria12% (23)
South12% (23)

Board Game (Choose 6): 1111 votes

Taboo11% (119)
Monopoly11% (118)
Scrabble10% (111)
Trivial Pursuit9% (105)
Twister9% (104)
Pictionary8% (88)
Clue7% (78)
Uno6% (72)
Life5% (55)
Risk5% (54)
Battleship4% (41)
Stratego4% (40)
Candyland3% (38)
Guess Who3% (36)
Trouble2% (27)
Set2% (25)

Amherst College Program Board Survey

Program Board invites you to vote for your two (2) favorites from among the following possible performers for the spring concert, which will probably be held during Spring Weekend (April 29-May 1). We will do our best to book the performer that gets the most votes, although we also have to consider availability and price changes. Thanks! (Choose 2): 1198 votes

Ben Folds 26% (308)
Margaret Cho (comedian) 19% (229)
Jimmy Eat World 15% (182)
Lewis Black (comedian) 14% (167)
Mos Def 12% (142)
Ma$e 8% (94)
Gavin DeGraw 6% (76)