Election For October 20th, 2004

404 people voted in this election

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. By responding, you are giving us the information needed to advocate on your behalf. Any questions or comments can be directed to malocascio@amherst.edu

How important is the open Curriculum to your experience at Amherst?: 400 votes

extremely important57% (227)
very important36% (143)
not very important6% (25)
barely important1% (4)
not at all important0% (1)

How would you react to the institution of Distribution Requirements?: 387 votes

strongly opposed57% (222)
opposed33% (129)
supportive9% (33)
strongly supportive1% (3)

To what degree is the five college exchange beneficial to your academic experience at Amherst?: 362 votes

somewhat beneficial40% (143)
barely beneficial23% (83)
very beneficial21% (76)
not at all beneficial9% (32)
extremely beneficial8% (28)

How helpful has your pre-major advising been at Amherst? : 354 votes

somewhat helpful41% (144)
barely helpful27% (96)
very helpful15% (52)
not at all helpful13% (45)
extremely helpful5% (17)

Would you support the addition of professional pre-major advisors? : 298 votes

yes70% (210)
no30% (88)