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Voting FAQ

So what exactly happened on Tuesday’s election?

When the AAS Webmaster changed the way administrators were authorized to access the AAS website, it became possible for anyone to log in as a voting administrator. On the day of the Executive Board elections, April 4th, several students logged onto the website as administrators. While unauthorized students were accessing the main ballot editing page, they caused the ballot to be reset to 2007, thus causing the election to go off-line around 9:10pm. No changes were made to the ballot that would have affected the results of the election, and the unauthorized students could not view or tamper with the results for the election. IT provided the IP addresses of each student who accessed the administrator function of the website on the day of the election. These students were contacted and requested to provide a justification for their access and tell what actions they did while on the website. In consultation with the Dean of Students and representative of the Judiciary Council, the Elections Committee has decided that there are no grounds to conclude that the students had a malicious intent to alter the election, and so we will not bring forward a formal complaint.

I’m an “E”, why can’t I vote?

Acording to the constitution, “E”s vote with their current class standing. For example, consider an 07E. In the fall of 2005, this person is considered a junior, but in the spring of 2006, the same person is considered a senior even though it is still the same school year. Since seniors aren’t allowed to vote in spring Executive Branch, Judiciary Council and Judiciary Chair elections, this person would not be allowed to vote for a presidential candidate in the spring of 2006.

Updated April 7, 2006.