AAS Meeting 9/9/02 Minutes:

9:00 PM I. Name Game

9:15 PM II. Announcements:


-discretion for attendance policy

-establishes a respect policy among senators

-Class Councils should choose representatives

-According to Zimmerman’s Roberts Rules of Order, in future need to take one pro/con cause one side be more persuasive


-Contact info sheet

-Website will be updated with current information including AAS constitution hyperlink

-All meetings will be held in Red Room with the exception of 9/23

-Interviews for Recording Secretary will be held 9/20 and be hired by 9/23 meeting


9:40 PM III. Minutes Accepted


9:43 PM IV. President’s Address

Dave: addresses Senate, excited for Andrew Doss coming forward, chance for change and reform, wonderful Ryan’s initiative on NY Times, Greater and Grander Vision-inaugural year, forge a new group of learners, look forward to working with all of you and doing some wonderful things together.


10:00 PM V. Report of Treasurer:


-New Budgetary website

-Discusses 9/8 Budgetary Meeting


Minutes from 9/8 Meeting:

I.  8:30 PM: Introduction to a standing room-only audience in the AAS office, during which a basic question and answer session took place.

II.  9:00 PM Doors were closed and remaining business were discussed

a.  WAMH Discretionary Request was passed-$3,849 was granted to WAMH for broadcast contracts ($1750), electricity/telephone ($1450), CMJ subscription ($750)

i.  Vote: 5 yes, 0 No, 0 Abstentions

b.  All other business was tabled until the next official Budgetary Committee meeting (September 15, 2002)

III.  9:45 PM: New Business was addressed

a.  The dates of Appeals were set for this Thursday (September 12) and Friday (September 13) from 7 PM until 12 AM

IV.  10:00 PM: Meeting was adjourned


10:20 PM VI. Old Business-Andrew Doss


Andrew Doss: presents idea of Annual Amherst/Williams Hullabaloo

-look at what Amherst is as a culture, what we define ourselves to be, serious need to have hearings, we don’t have a collective identity, plan of action, our time to do something, serious reflection and do something fun

-kick off near year with a momentum for hearings and presidential searches, new student government (AAS)

-Doss presents ideas to commence Hullabaloo by singing a-cappella, jazz orchestra set-up outside, cellophane purple, Williams “not Amherst” or just Amherst on Williams’ sign, totally peaceful and good willed, everyone gets a bus-map of Williams, we “nailed you”, throw big party with dancing and chips, demonstrates sense of participation and togetherness as students

-Doss describes the hearings to find out what needs to happen, there is 3 rules:

1.  No violence

2.  No vandalism

3.  No theft

-So, people fear being punished by peers, group of peers called the “Hullabaloo Marshals,” sizable figures on campus, to show not toy with seriousness of 3 rules, Marshals would treat these rule-breakers like scum, labeled “scum” in the yearbook, shameful representative in yearbook, have to go through judiciary council


-Doss tells that we start this “tradition” on Friday the 13th, fewest classes, end of add/drop, start of Presidential Search Committee, people would come very enthusiastic, no cars, buses for everyone (requires 5 school buses, 5 coach buses, 8 vans on campus), people wear bandanas, people would come together as community, lasting tradition, Amherst/William rivalry, people will be excited to be here, first-year surprise, next year we could do ex. An “Olympics”, opportunity to really do something, take action, show Amherst has a real spirit.


10:35 PM: Livia tells that $3,000 allocated properly to WAMH


10:40 PM: Mike (motion) to Pass Discretionary fund on WAMH

-Luke call to question


Voice vote to vote separately on WAMH and Hullabaloo

-Lincoln move business to later (motion re-drawn)

-Mike cap discussion to 30 minutes, max to 1 minute, limit debate to 1 minute

-Lincoln call to question


Jesse: show of hands for 2/3 vote


Favor: 21 Oppose: 1 Abstentions: 2


Andrew requests 1 minute closing statement



Mike- not best idea to kick off year, for clubs who did not get enough funds, transportation too expensive

Julie-Who is going to clean up (yields time to Andrew)?

Andrew-the Commission


Elan- toilet paper illegal in California, no theft policy, put signs in laundry (yields time to Andrew)

Andrew-Suggests to scratch signs in laundry

Angie-Williams might retaliate

Andrew-think Williams will have a good will, Amherst will call police, good rivalry

Mike-point of clarification programming $ different from appeals club

Livia-informs that clubs can also apply for programming, 1st come, 1st serve

Ex. Concert, spring formal

Christian-Week of 9/11, supposed to be a moment of grieving (yields time to Andrew)

Andrew-show that its time to move on and celebrate our lives

Ali S.- cannot support canceling class, should be reserved for emergency situations, not for recreational use

Elan-worries that campus police will question the behavior of these marshals

Jay-Asks does this have to be a surprise-can we contact Williams’ student body?

Andrew-emphasizes retaliation


Mike-embarrassed to have Amherst kids deface property, fears arrest and punishable act does not support community

Lincoln-voices against cancellation of class and cannot subject students to disciplinary action

Ben-cannot cancel classes and students cannot trespass or commit vandalism

Ali H.-Old spirit is missing

Julie-questions funding

Blake-echoes the fear of disrespect and vandalism-fights will result

Geoff-applaud what working on, does not like idea of vandalism, and asks Andrew if he has contacted a-cappella groups

Andrew-Purple cellophane is not vandalism

Jesse-suggests to reconsider the day, this weekend and to reconsider the toilet paper issue

Andrew-reconsiders toilet paper, sport schedule

Stacey-applauds enthusiasm, just does not sit well, act should not be one of antagonism, changed over years, not proper for us to address Williams like this

Blake-Amherst people will be held responsible

Elan-make amendments to proposal

Andrew-its nice that senate applauds my enthusiasm, but must take a risk, then take care of every concern

Kate-is part of club, represents commission on culture and morale, great way to bring people together, in favor of this

Bob-FYI (informs Senate that there is 10 minutes left of discussion)

Christian- We need more input

Bob-Motion to call to question

Mihalis-Motion to cap speakers list and give Andrew a closing statement


Julie-Unfriendly amendment to add rebuttal, withdraws motion

Luke-calls to question



Favor (14) Oppose: (7) 2/3 Vote

Mike-questions sponsorship of the event by AAS, but it conflicts with the presidential search committee

Eric-mentions the positives of the event (apples, candy, etc.)

Mihalis-vandalism is a mis-characterization (if toilet paper is removed, the spirit can only be fostered, mission will keep students in control)

Carlin-Vandalism is not a factor, it is a boost of moral, shows Amherst pride

Stacey-concern is not a value call, but fears that the AAS sponsorship could be misunderstood

Paul Whiting-if there is not an opportunity to show spirit, what is the point? Maybe more time is necessary

Lincoln-points out that misinterpretation could easily be an issue, AAS should show support, but it should rely on the campus

Jesse-questions funding, yields to Tom Friche who points out that this is an opportunity

Kay-mentions the logistics, will people actually go?

Andrew-mentions collaboration with Williams


Andrew (closing statement)-easy to get fired, experience is really unique, what makes us different, so needing this and do something as a student body, group of leaders, history of our own lives, powerful, quote by Mandela, has to be exciting, example of time to take risk, year of transition of President Gerety and AAS, AAS doing stuff that affects our lives, fifty years going to reflect back, we have nothing to lose


Luke-Motion to deny funding for 1st Annual Hullabaloo

Jesse-Amendment to switch debate

Luke-WAMH funding (no assured motion)


2/3 Vote-Object Consideration of Motion

Favor (11) Oppose (9) (Does Not Pass)


Mike- (Pro) No more discussion

Eric-(Con) More appealing


Vote to Vote:

Favor (10) Oppose (10) (Fails)


Motion to deny funding

Eric-Amend toilet paper

Julie-Reminds Senate that nearing end of minute, be flexible, expedite voting process

Ali S.- agrees to expedite process, has to leave for academic reasons

Mihalis-asks whether we are voting $8,000 or $3,000?

Luke-Calls to question

Ali S.-Calls Luke’s question


Straw Vote:

Yes to deny (14) No to continue to appeal decision (6)


Ali H.- point of interest-whether to deny funds is such a good idea

Lincoln Called for Roll Call:

> motion made by Luke to "Deny funding to the First Annual Amherst/Williams
> Hullabaloo."
> Julie: Pass (Y)
> Ben: Y
> Rocio: A
> Mike: Y
> Jesse: N
> Will: N
> Stacey: A
> Ali: Y
> Kay: N
> Mihailis: N
> Jay: N
> Lincoln: Y
> Eric: N
> Blake: N
> Luke: Y
> Geoff: N
> Elan: N
> Angie: Y
> Ali: N
> Ryan: Y
> Christian: N
> Niti: N
> Paige: Y

Motion to Adjourn:

Yes (12) No (11) (Motion Passes)


Meeting is adjourned