AAS Senate Minutes (Summarized):Monday, Nov, 11th, 9:03pm, the 12th meeting of ‘02-’03 AAS senate


I. Call to order (9:03PM)

II. Attendance


III.Announcement: (9:11PM)

a.Bob announced next meeting would start at 8pm. He welcomed the new diversity senators, Alan (senior, issue about the budgetary committee, represents AES) Chris, Dice(represents ISA) ASA will send someone soon.

B:Alex announced Valentine table is this Thursday, remember your shifts or come support your fellow AAS. And make sure the sheet’s info is correct. AAS lunch table continues every Friday.

C: Eric announced Jostens wants to reconstruct the contract to create a class ring. Responses are needed for e-mail.

D: Dave announced that Valley council’s first meeting is going to be Friday, will be an e-mail from Alex, location is at the five college- inn.

E: Lincoln asked the fellow senators to send quotes if you have enjoyed TYPO.


IV:Minutes: 11/4/02 are adopted


V: Report of the Treasurer: budgets are due this Friday at 5 PM, a lot of clubs did not get them in. The advantage is that now we have more money left but the problem is that later clubs that missed the deadline might reapply for fund. Appeals are from Nov 20 to Nov 21st, audit will be in the week before the exams. (detail info from Esther)

Andre suggested a motion to pass the BC funding recommendation. It was seconded. Julie had a question about the Amherst Hamster, Ali called the questions. The senate voted. Results: passed unanimously( 29-0)

SEE VOTE 1 BELOW. Motion (Mike Flood) to pass Budgetary Committee funding recommendations: PASSES 29-0-0



VI: Unfinished business

A: Proposal by Ben: oath taken by class and people who administrate the oath will notify the people who are not present with e-mail. Ben made a motion to pass, the motion was seconded, Andri called the questioned. The proposal was voted and passed by majority.

Jeff suggested to take the oath as a group in order to save time, Bob agreed. The order is first officers, then senators & diversity senators & judiciary branch. The oath was carried out.



B: Amherst College to Bradley airport proposal

Rania hoped to establish someway to transport students to the airport. Lots of choices depending our needs, lots of decisions are needed to be made. Motion to pass the text in the agenda document, to create a committee to research and organize the shuttle office. Luke asked that if there is any workable number? Rania replied the number of the members of the committee should be between 6-8 Matt proposed an amendment: members no less than 6, no more than 8. Motion seconded.

Will proposed another amendment to state that there should be no more than 8 people in the committee. Andri asked if we need to talk to the financial aid office. Mike called the question, Amendment voted and passed by majority.

Nomination: Maria, Rania, Paige,Techo, Dice, (Rania question: are there upperclassmen?) Ali S.,


C: First year class project proposal:

Andri and Ian stated that this should be a stress dealer for the finals. The idea is a inter-dorm competition of snow football and coffee house in the basement of Stearns with class performance. Snow football will take place in the freshman quad, the winner will receive Antonio’s pizza party, date: 13th of dec. One meeting has been held about the project, Mike stated that we might not get any snow by then! Andri replied that we can do without snow, we can do alternative activities. Lincoln: motion to prove this as the first year project,

Will called questions, motion voted and was passed by majority!


E: Dice’s stated the problem with “reply to all” for the 06 class project. Alex said that they can discuss the issue later.


F: Distinguished teaching award:

Ali said that it’s coming up so soon with so many ads! Mike said that hopefully the notice will get to the boxes. Matt made a motion to pass the letter. Will called questions, motion was voted and passed by majority. Letter explaining the award and nomination of teachers will be sent out soon.


VII New business:


A: Ben proposed that there should be an AAS bulletin board at the campus center and to interact with the student bulletin to post what AAS is doing.( maintained by the secretary) Matt called question, motion voted and passed!


B: Matt asked that where would one go to improve the quality of toilet paper. Ryan answered to go to physical plant. Liv stated that a similar problem had occurred last year too but the problem could not be solved in James and Stearns because the plumbing system could not take two layer toilet paper.


C: Mike’s suggestions:

1. There is a spot at route 9 where the traffic is extremely heavy but with no crosswalk. Mike suggested that the health and safety committee should discuss the issue and create a cross walk.


2. Lighting in the parking lot, it’s too dark now. Kate stated that if there are more concerns , people should e-mail the committee.

3. Mike suggested that the AAS shoudl create a direct deposit for students, so one doesn’t need to mail the check home because the location of the bank is at home. Proposal to create a small committee no less than 3 to look into the creation of direct deposit. Ryan called questions. Motion was voted and passed. Nomination: Mike, Stacey, Julie, Will


4. Mike suggested that the rollover from first sememster should go to a separate funds to fund for big activities, instead of giving it back to clubs. Andri opposed the proposal. He stated that there are lots of clubs that missed the deadline, so rollover can be given to clubs that missed the deadline. Will stated that clubs should be responsible for missing deadlines, Julie stated that if there is no good idea to use the rollover then we can put the money back, but its great to have competition for the money. Liv stated that the purpose of rollover is to pay for the debt, also can be backup money for lawsuit, either goes to reserve or back to clubs. Eric stated that it is a good idea to sponsor program for the use of rollover. Luke: we lose more in the transition time, there must be a better way than just programing and asking people for good idea. Ali: competition for idea to use the money is a good idea. Alan: just a matter of advertising, make students aware that how the money is spent in the college.

Ben: budgetary committee has done a great job, clubs are denied money because they don’t need it. Right now clubs can not fill the void for the social activities in college, individuals who have good idea can fill the void. Possibility to create a institutionalized structure for the use of money. Matt: why does not publicity work? Mike: there are so many clubs, we don’t know if the events are catering for the big things. Should we limit the numbers of clubs? Julie: this would be a mechanism for the idea to promote individual idea for social events. If we get no responses then it will be rollovered anyway. Luke: we are just trying to throw money away. Will:there isn’t a large active committee in the school to think of creative programing. He agreed with Luke. We can engage a lot of people including clubs to think of creative ideas. The money for lawsuit should not be allocated at the first place. Jeff: agree with Will. This is adding more paper work to the system. Liv: Reserve is a large set of money we set aside for anything unexpected. We need to pay overdue bill from reserve, that’s why this year the money is going to reserve. Elan:it needs the two thirds of majority. Alan: people are not going to know about it, it’s easier to put it back into the pool and advertise for people to get the fund for large programs. Liv: the committee shot down the individuals with idea of events, but there are cases that were granted money. Lots of cases that people came in with their own initiative did get money, the fund defeats the purpose that the committee tried so hard to improve the system, it jeopardizes the integrity of the committee. Dave: rollover fluctuates! Fluctuation of rollover undermines the general idea. Andri: we don’t understand the logistics, why don’t we refer this to the budgetary committee because they have more info. Objected by Will. Matt seconded. Will withdrew the objection. Luke called the question. Vote on Andri’s motion: (refer the issues to BC) 13-16, it fails!

Ali: can we just advertise better? Mike: more bigger things are better. No disadvantage for throwing money into it. Ben suggested to cap the speakers’ list. Motion to cap the list, Lincoln made an amendment to limit speaker’s time no more than 1 minute. Taken as friendly. Vote for the amendment: passes.

Will: we need to take it more seriously and further discussion is needed. The money allows for the collaboration of clubs that we don’t normally get. Eric: restore to the original level, Ben: envision this as a fellowship, you apply and you get distributed. Matt: Ben’s view is wrong, it will become a failure, he doesn’t see the need to create a separate committee to deal with a separate fund. Julie: make a motion to create a committee to analyze the budgetary funding rollover, no fewer than 4; Luke: you just outline a group to do what the BC does. Ali: think about the BC finances before you vote. Will: BC has tons of work to do all the time. I don’t think the BC has the time to consider this. Mike: Echo what Will said. Create this committee is not offensive, is exploratory. Liv: BC only spoke to recommend funding, the senate can deal with all the other stuff. This new committee will belittle the BC’ task, discredits the BC’s work! Lincoln: to null all prior motion, tabling all the motions on the floor. Stop the meeting at 10:45. Motion voted: 20-9 passes. Meeting will end at 10:45 no matter what!


Andri: Liv plans the rollover. The committee undermines the BC. Maria: making a motion for better advertisement for the fund but not rollover. Will: this is a great idea but don’t mean to undermine the BC. It just tries to get other people involved. Mike: it’s just a exploratory committee, it has no power to change anything! Ali: add amendment that half BC should be on the new committee. (out of order) Ali called the question. Vote on the creation of the committee. Failed: 11-18 one abstention


Elan motioned to adjourn. 10:45 PM




Vote Description Summaries:

1) Motion (Andre Deckrow) to pass Budgetary Committee funding recommendations: PASSES 29-0-0





Julie Babayan



Ben Baum



Rocio Digon



Mike Flood



Jesse Freedman



Will Johnson



Stacey Kennard



Ali Sacks






Kay Bradley



Mihailis Diamantis



Jay Gilliam



Lincoln Mayer



Eric Osborne



Blake Sparrow



Luke Swarthout



Geoff Walter






Elan Ghazal



Angie Han



Ali Hassan



Maria Jones



Ryan Park



Christian Sanchez



Niti Sardana



Paige Wallace






Rania Arja



Sameer Bashey



Caleb Deats



Andre Deckrow



Techo Kim



John Lian



Ian Shin



Matt Vanneman






Alan Vazquez (Latino/a)



Chris Sorrentino (LBGT)



Dice O (Int’l)