Monday, March 8, 2004


I. Attendance



Livia Angiolillo


Jim Beck


Kay Bradley


Mihailis Diamantis


Lincoln Mayer


Preston Scheiner


Blake Sparrow


Luke Swarthout




Ethan Davis


Rosalyn Foster


Jin-Young Kim


Arpan Podduturi


Daniel Reiss


Christian Sanchez


David Scherr


Justin Sharaf




Rania Arja


Taamiti Bankole


Caleb Deats


John Lian


Stephen Scriber


Mira Serrill-Robins


Ian Shin


Matt Vanneman




Richa Bhala


Avi Das


Noah Isserman


Marco Locascio


Gloria Monfrini


Levan Moulton


Christina Ryu


Jacob Thomas








Elan Ghazal


Ryan Park


Ryan Smith


Di Shui


Paris Wallace








x = Present





E = Excused Absence



U = Unexcused Absence


/ = Half an Absence




II. Call to Order (9:04 PM)


III. Approval of the Minutes (9:04 PM)

Taamiti: Motion to approve the minutes.

Ian: Second.

Minutes are passed by unanimous consent.


IV. Officer Reports (9:06 PM)

A. Vice President

Elan: We are going to have committees report when we get back. That will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Mihailis: Are ad-hoc committees also reporting?

Elan: I don't think we have any. I think the ad-hoc committees that were still out have pretty much run their course. Class councils, I hope you have the creative juices flowing and have been meeting about class projects. Once we get back from spring break things start to move quickly.

B. JC Chair

Ryan Smith: The JC had a hearing on a complaint regarding the voting for the spring formal. The results were ruled to be valid. They ruled in favor of the AAS. Review and recognition of the clubs has been on a standstill because of the complaints. We are going to start going on that.

Mihailis: When you go through review and recognition are you going to cut down some clubs?

Ryan Smith: We are going to cut down on the clubs that are basically not doing anything. We emailed clubs that were questionable and got few responses. We sent a follow up email and I am waiting for those responses. The Art Club, for example, produced evidence that they are doing a lot of stuff. We decided not to set a specific number of limiting clubs.


V. Announcements (9:11 PM)

Rania: The AAS website is down and sign ups for the Bradley Shuttle are supposed to be online. Half of the people have signed up on the website and all of the advertising says to sign up that way. If anyone knows how to resolve this please let me know.

Luke: The Trustees Committee is meeting and if you have suggestions reflecting student life you can talk to me after the meeting.

Noah: Can the Freshmen Class Council meet after this meeting?

Roz: If anyone has any nominations for the Honorary Degrees Committee that is due the 15th of March.

Dave: Junior Class Council meeting after this meeting.

Ryan Park: Can the Club Sport Committee members raise your hand? We will meet really quickly afterwards because we are going to start that up again.

Di: We are still taking nominations for the Distinguished Teacher's Award. There have been a lot of submissions.


VI. Special Orders (9:14 PM)

A. Weekly BC Funding Recommendations





YAI Month of Peace




Model UN




Men’s Project Speaker




Habitat 4 humanity




Hillel Speed Dating




Israeli Coffehouse




Newman Easter dinner




Soccer Club




Mercy House - Honduras Trip








Dan: Motion to pass BC funding recommendations.

Mira: Second.

Jake Maguire: I am a freshman. I am going on a spring break Honduras Service trip. It is running through Mercy House and it is a 5 college trip. I just found out I was going last week because a student that was going has pulled out. I am here to request $100 and my basis for asking for the extra is that I really haven't had time to plan or seek funding and it wasn't my fault. We are going to be doing some great work and I will also be presenting when I get back. That will be open to the college community.

Jake: Move to amend to fund $100.

Mihailis: Point of information - are we allowed to do this since it hasn't gone through the BC?

Elan: Yes.

Paris: What is the point of the BC then?

Elan: It is a time sensitive issue so we can make an exception.

Justin: What is the $100 going to?

Jake Maguire: I have also requested funding from the Career Center, the Interdepartmental Fund, the Dean of Student's Office, and the President's Office. $472 for airfare, $28 for work, and what I am requesting is for food/lodging.

Mihailis: We sort of made it our policy that we don't give more than $60 dollars per person for spring break trips and I am wondering what people think about that.

Elan: That isn't true. We gave Habitat for Humanity $100 per person and that was a spring break trip.

Ethan: Call the question.

SEE VOTE 9 BELOW. Amendment for $100 Honduras trip - MOTION PASSES: 24-0-1.

Kimmee: We have got some great programs coming up. Our principle speaker has done great work with youth activists. The BC couldn't recommend it because we didn't have the date at that point and we didn't have the contracts. We are thinking about her coming on April 7th. It would be great if we could do it before spring break.

Roz: How much would she be?

Kimmee: $1500 and $500 for travel.

Roz: Motion to amend BC recs for $2000 for the speaker.

Ethan: Second.

Matt: I move to amend this to $1500

Matt: The BC generally requires the organizations to go to other sources to fund differentials.

Paris: I just had some questions. Where is she traveling from?

Kimmee: Alabama.

Paris: What happened to the other speaker?

Kimmee: She is still coming.

Dan: Would it be impossible to request $1500 now and then come back to request $500 if you don't find other sources?

Kimmee: Yes.

Mihailis: I don't understand why we don't require contracts anymore.

Elan: There is nothing in the constitution that relates to it.

Mihailis: I think we have a sort of contract proviso in the BC policies for a reason. It would be unfair for us to deny funding to other groups without contracts and it allows for a loophole.

Ethan: Call the question.

SEE VOTE 10 BELOW. Change amendment to $1500. MOTION PASSES: 24-3-0.

Luke: Call the question.

Mihailis: I would like to hear from some other people why we should make an exception in this case.

Paris: I think one of the problems with having it be an absolute rule is that if you require a contract to hire a speaker, speakers require a money to sign a contract. We talked with this group extensively and we are 90-95% sure that this person is coming and if they don't come the money just goes back into discretionary.

Mihailis: So it is like a good faith contract.

Paris: It is just really hard for people to sign a contract if they do not have the money to back it up.

Matt: Call the question.

SEE VOTE 11 BELOW. $1500 for YAI speaker - MOTION PASSES: 23-3-0.

Kimmee: I just want to bring up the second speaker. She is a beneficiary of an organization that provides livestock to families in poor countries. She and her family received a calf when she was very young and her family has been able to send three children to school. They have said that they rather see some money before signing a contract. The requested amount is $500.

Levan: She went to my boarding school and she is a wonderful speaker and I think she would be an amazing presence on campus.

Ian: Do you have date, time, place?

Kimmee: Both speakers will be here and we are looking at the end of April, I think it is the 21st.

Dan: Move to increase the funding allocation to $500 for the speaker.

Luke: Second.

Luke: Call the question.

Ian: You said the money doesn't go right back to her?

Kimmee: The check goes to her and then it goes back to the organization.

Luke: There are a lot of speakers that are willing to speak and then donate that money to a charity. She is only here because of their generosity. It is going to help more people like her.

Ethan: Call the question.

SEE VOTE 12 BELOW. $500 increase for YAI speaker - MOTION PASSES: 24-2-1.

Roz: Call the question.

SEE VOTE 13 BELOW. BC funding recs: MOTION PASSES: 26-1-0.


VII. Adjournment (9:45 PM)