SGO minutes April 8, 2002


Elections chair received the constitution at 8:06pm today.




Obligated constitutionally to make public E-board expenditures. This is to start of R&R and hold ourselves accountable as well as other clubs to the same policies.


Constitution committee does not agree with the expenditures listed under their name, they will

Mike motions to have any expenditures on food be brought to the senate Marisol seconded.12:7:7.

Motion by luke to vote on simple majority within the senate 20:6.

Motion to revote 9:12:4 not passed


Phone Committee


Students individually deal with Verizon. Would have to hire somebody else if the college took ove, expenses shooting up to quarter or a million. Even if we had telecom service it would be about $30 000 more expensive. So the best thing to do would be consider talking to Financial Aid to get additional assistance for those who cannot afford a phone. If college did its own service, would lose huge money on the three months of the year when students aren’t here, as opposed to having financial aid cover the cost, which would be more economic.

Verizon seems to be the best option according to Mr. Judicki. Not sure as to what other institutions do. Swarthmore, Williams have it paid for.

Clearly, Lincoln does not have all the answers, Michelle invites the senate to join him, since he really is the only member on the committee.

Eric: much more expensive for people living in singles than people sharing a line with roommates/suitemates.



Contestation of the Constitution


Jun: when were the results released

Jake: I contested within 24 hrs.

Michelle: Unique situation so we will take it into consideration.


New Business


Who has control over our cable? Talk to Blake.