AAS Minutes



I.  Attendance

II.  Call to order at 9:09 p.m.

III.  Approval of the Minutes: Minutes approved.

IV.  Officer Reports

  Ryan: Boris proposed that advisor meets with each advisee to get to know him/her on a personal basis for dinner. Deans are working on a way to fund this program.

  Ian: Fall 2006 Budgeting Clubs will meet with BC reps after they submit their budgets. BC Calendar is online.

  Justin: There will be at least one faculty member in Athletic Coach Search Committees

V.  Special Orders

BC Recommendations:

-  ASA, Sportsmen Club, WAMH

-  Motion to pass the BC recommendations.

-  BC recommendations pass.


-  Circus was billed for all the work that was due for printing costs ($3000). AAS accounts have no money to pay this bill (no spring funds can be used for fall expenses). The JC looks for Senate approval to allow BC to issue Circus $3000 but stresses that this action is unconstitutional.

-  Dan recommends allocating Circus some of the discretionary fund money, but Ryan S., representing the JC, feels like this stipulation is in the Constitution for a reason, and can be overruled only for emergency situations Circus did things a little late.

-  Issue that came out in February is Circus’s “fall activity”

-  Circus emphasizes that the bill needs to be paid to the publisher, and not target the club.

-  Ian states that if this check is issues, clubs will run to the AAS asking for money to pay overdue bills. Turning a blind eye will set a bad precedent.

-  Rania sees the only constitutional way to allocate them money is to make Circus take their $3000 Spring budget to foot the bill.

-  Marco motions to end discussion.

-  Pros

-  Error in the bill is not the AAS’ fault; it is an issue of oversight. This method of asking for money is haphazard.

-  Motion passes: Discussion is ended.

Rania’s Amendment

-  Viet has asked Ryan to not vote on this.

-  Boris motions to limit discussion on JC recommendations to 8 minutes, and not vote on this until Viet is present.

-  Dan amends to 5.

-  Motion passes.

-  JC will insert another section: seniors who fail to have their project approved by the end of first semester will be removed from the Senate and barred from the Senate according to the guidelines previously stated.

-  CPR: $3500 every year to do freshman TYPO. Anoop requests $5000 out of Senate fund for remaining months to do TYPO for upperclassmen.

-  Matt motions to grant $5000 to fund TYPO.

-  Cons

-  Money will not be rolled over; TYPO doesn’t have enough guidelines in place to be used without abuse.

-  Pros

-  Senate fund is just money that will not be spent.

-  Motion passes.

VI.  New Business

1.  Constitutional Revision


E. Non-discrimination policy

3. All AAS-funded events to take place on campus shall be advertised to all students. All AAS-recognized organizations shall make every reasonable attempt to ensure that Amherst College students are aware of the their events and activities

-  Rania expresses that this is a discriminatory procedure.

-  Mike thinks it will be really hard to determine what events should and should not be advertised to the whole campus.

-  Matt moves to question.

-  Debate is ended.

-  Inadequate support for the first revision.


2. New Constitutional Bylaw

Add section G to article V to read:

For any discretionary request over $750 for activities that will occur off-campus, the BC shall recommend wherever possible that the organization or students who participate in said activities present their experience in an event to be held in the same semester as the activity or, in the case of events that occur in summer or winter intercessions, in the following semester. This event should be advertised and open to the whole student body.

-  Marco argues that

-  Richa moves to amend to change wording to read “contingent upon completion of the promised presentation to Amherst students.”

-  Gabe argues that BC members are smart enough to charge clubs who attend these activities to make presentations

-  Avi recommends Senate to charge this to the BC to make the choices.

-  Richa withdraws her amendment.

-  Mike is worries about the enforcement of this bylaw.

-  Ian thinks this bylaw is impractical the $750 will allow most events to squeeze by.

-  Marco moves to amend that $750, at the end add “at the discretion of the BC, contingent upon completion of the promised presentation to Amherst students.

-  Moves to question

-  Motion passes.

-  Marco’s amendment passes.

-  Ian asks for Senate to have faith in the BC, instead of binding them to this bylaw.

-  Richa moves to postpone the question.

-  Call to question.

-  Postponement passes.

-  Boris wants to charge committee to get Keefe hours extended to 2 a.m. on Sundays. Also, bikes for general student use.

-  Last week, Senate charged BC to see if BC needed more money and needed Student Activities fees to be raised. Ian states that there are many procedures that can be implemented before these fees need to be raised. Ian will introduce a set of procedures to manage the flow and distribution of money.

VII.  Adjournment (10:58 p.m.)