5-October 1998, 9:00 PM

Converse Red Room

President Tom Gray called the meeting to order at 9:06 PM. He began by introducing the new Student Policy Committee members, Class of '99 President Andrew Galvin, Class of '02 President James Orraca-Tetteh, and Class of '02 College Council Representative Seth Birnbaum.

Tom noted that a number of SPC members have complained about the length of SPC meetings. He rightfully dismissed those comments as unjustified, noting that meetings over the previous three years generally went much, much longer, and that the SPC was a discussionary body, requiring long discussions as an inherent property of its divine nature.

Committee Reports began with Andrew Galvin, who is gathering a Class of '99 committee to plan Senior Week and other senior-esque events.

Class of '01 President David Azoulay has been in discussions with the Art Department, which is considering whether it should place a Craft Room in the remodeled Fayerweather Hall. Also, David has been working to expans open hours at Pratt Pool, and is organizing the Sophomore Murders murder mystery event.

James Orraca-Tetteh is planning a semi-formal mixer for the Class of '02.

Mike Ward of the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid had nothing to announce, but promised in a mysterious tone that he would have very exciting things to discuss at the next meeting.

The Committee on Educational Policy has been discussing improvements to the first-year advising program, and has been discussing the issue of class size, because size does matter. Tom noted that Dean of Faculty Lisa Raskin greatly liked Scott Kern's proposal on a new first-year advising program and that it will be appearing for further discussion soon.

Justin Turner said that the Committee on Physical Education and Athletics is putting together a Purple and White Society to serve as a Spirit Club for athletic teams, to hold rallies and fundraisers.

The Committee on Priority and Resources is examining faculty benefit packages.

Christine Wong of the Library Committee said that the Librarian has been away on a number of very pleasurable trips to exotic locales and has only recently returned. They will soon be discussing issues related to the Book Depository.

Tom announced that the SPC needed to choose a representative to the Affirmative Action Advisory Committee. Perks of the position include a free lunch in Lewis-Sebring. La Cause Representative Adele Vigil volunteered and was appointed.

Vice President Rebecca Stair presented the revised version of her proposed office space review policy, which differed from the previously discussed draft primarily in spelling and grammatically details.

Brennan Griffin made the excellent point that privacy could be an important issue when suggesting surprise office inspections, because groups might have sensitive materials out during the surprise visit. Justin made a motion to remove the right to surprise visits from the policy, and David seconded. The motion failed 13-16-2.

Rebecca agreed to the suggestion that campus center building manager's should not be approached for their opinions on the use of office space.

Kristen Johnson made a motion to approve the policy, seconded by Noah T. Winer. Motion passed 27-1-1.

Tom announced that Jon Prokup would be the chair of the new Ad Hoc Committee on SFC Reform.

Rebecca announced that the SGO Ad Hoc Committee on Housing was now meeting every Monday from 3-4 PM in Converse 311. All are welcome. Issues discussed so far include dorm damage and treatment of staff.

Tom noted that the renewed Higher Education Act included provisions to punish colleges for not enforcing alcohol policies, which was why Campus Police had become more stringent in enforcing the rules.

Tom presented the SGO's policy on use of the all-campus email system, which needed to be officially approved. He said that the system seemed to be working well and that there had been few complaints.

Charles Field proposed that the E-Board switch from weekly to bi-weekly all-campus emails. Ned B. Friend suggested shorter emails. Brian Simoneau made a motion to limit the E-Board from weekly to bi-weekly emails. Scott Kerns seconded. Motion failed, 3-25-2.

Ned B. Friend also proposed that clubs use a universal format in the club announcements emails, in order to ease his strained eyes.

Justin moved to approve the policy, seconded by Rachel Bobruff. Tom called for a voice vote. The "ayes" win unanimously.

Recording Secretary James Dubick announced that he would be doing an all-campus survey to gauge student opinions on the SGO and campus issues. Rachel Bobruff and Scott Kerns volunteered to help.

Treasurer and SFC Chair and former Recording Secretary Eric Budish said that the SFC would soon be publishing budgets of campus groups.

Rebecca announced that her infamous coffee talks would be starting again soon, and that they would even have coffee this time.

Tom adjourned the meeting at 10:13 PM. Total time: 1 hour, 7 minutes. That's got to be a record!

Respectfully submitted,

James Dubick

Recording Secretary, SGO.