AAS SENATE Minute Summarized: Monday 5/5/03 8:12 PM, Converse Hall Cole Assembly Room




I called to order ( 8:12PM)


II Attendance


III Minutes of Previous Meeting:

since last meeting's minute was lost, so it can not be approved right now.


IV Announcements:

Elan: please check with me if you are late for the meeting, also check out with me first if you are leaving early. Please tell me 48 hours before hand if you can't make it to the meeting.

Alex: last trustee-advisee committee will be on the graduation weekend. E-mail me if you have any issues.


V. Special orders:


Elan: try to fill the committee vacancies.

Luke: motion to postpone the committee election until August. Reasons: we don't have everyone here. Seconded and called discussion.

Vote: passed. Postpone the committee election.


Budget Publication: motion to postpone, vote: passed.

Molibi: couple people came up to me about the issue of recognition of budget requests. Ryan: the review recognition is conducted in the wrong amendment, so some clubs are not recognized. The JC has not reviewed these requests as they should. Paris: the budget has already been done for the fall, so there is not anything we can do. The recognition process has been removed from the budgetary discussion. They can apply for discretion funding, just not official. Molibi: it's very inconvenient for them. Paris: hope problem will be solved before Thanksgiving.

Roslyn motioned to adjourn. seconded. Matt objected to voting.

Ryan: when can we come back( the retreat)? Ryan: we can come back at the 25th, and we are scheduled to have the first meeting on the 26th at 9AM. But the agenda is not set.

Luke: question about the choice of date. Why the 26th? Elan: because we are not allowed to be back before the 26th, and Tuesday is the last day before Orientation Outing trips. 26th seemed to be the best date. Molibi: how about people that are involved in Orientation process? Sabir: I don't have the exact schedule, but I might have conflicts because of ISA. Elan: that's ok. We are going to be there all day and mostly it's going to be informational session.

Moved to adjourn.


Adjourn at 8:25.