SGO February 4, 2002




Elections on Feb 11th, speech nite Feb 5 8pm


March 2nd , Coeducation symposium has been changed, going to be in Valentine


Copy of Van Rules, see hardcopy of SGO minutes binder.


Thursday Edward J Olmos is the lecturer for MLK day.


The website is up, any suggestions email SGO account



Blake: Took budgets for Spring close, have allocated all the money to sub-chairs, there will be appeals Feb 5th evening, sit ins are welcomed, starts at 5:30 in SGO office.


Will be some new clubs, ie. Intramural wrestling


Any ideas are welcome/ input


SGO budget will be available. The complete budget is not available if you would like a copy we can burn a cd, its too huge of a file.


Office hours will be posted by each sub-chair, they will be on the website and be emailed to the whole campus.


The new budget will have the appeals included into it.




Need to rework our constitution, a working group was formed over interterm composed of SGO members and Dean Haynes.


Primary accomplishment was to come up with the charge of the ad-hoc committee to be formed for SGO constitutional review. See hardcopy binder for attachment.


Committee will be soliciting info from both the campus and the senate, nothing can be passed without the senate working on it so this ad-hoc committee isn’t making final decisions on it.


There are 9 people on this committee so that its large enough to delegate yet small enough to meet. And that everyone on this committee is extremely dedicated to this metion. This number can be changed by friendly amendment if senate so decides.


Members will be from senate because a) it would take too long to hold elections, nominations etc. b) there is plenty of opportunity along the process for student body input c) the student body has to vote in the referendum for final say d) the senate is representative of the student body e) there is technically one month to re-write this constitution.


Jun: Dean Haynes will be providing the outside view since he has expertise on how other student gov. are run.

Marisol: Lets get some people form the student body, would like to hear outside views

Jun: we know how our senate has and has not functioned


All in favor of the statement regarding the number of members on the committee

All in favor of members being on senate


Mike Flood: Motion to move the question: pass the document as is 20for, 9 against.


Voting on this document as stands: 22 for, 6 against

Motion to suspend the rules for lack of senior interest, David motioned, Julie seconded

21 for, 7against passed.

Motion to suspend rules for non-senate member

17 for, 10against. Motion fails


Select members for committee: 9 volunteers


Mike Flood

Jun Matsui

Christian Sanchez

Dave Scherr

Julie Babayan

Stacey Kennard

David Babbott

Jay Gilliam


Motion to pass committee as it stands. PASSED



2 major issues, a)phone service, emergency phone access and campus access b) funding for club sports. See Amy after meeting



Trustee Committee on Student Life Report

Meal plan: unique to Amherst College that everyone comes to one dining hall to eat, dorm renovations, James and Stearns will be done 2007, relocation of Pratt museum. Plimpton and Tyler refurbished for faculty instead of Merrill apartments. Little red school house also an issue.


Committee on Honorary Degrees

Drafted letters for potential candidates to receive honorary degrees. Trying to figure out a way to involve students to nominate.



See Hardcopy for changes Campus police is making on policies regarding students who live in TAP houses.


Christian: freshman quad is nasty b/c cigarette butts

Michelle: going to look into it, have to contact physical plant

Jake: also a problem for upperclassman dorms