Minutes: December 3, 2001


Resignation of E-board member : Will Johnson

Statement of Will Johnson read by Anishah

Not timely to schedule an election within 3 weeks (according to constitution) want to postpone the election to next semester

? how does this effect budget proposals

Blake:We don’t have all the budgets yet so we can’t make any decisions, Dean Haynes is available as well as Jorge, so Will not being around will not be a problem

Blake/Andrew: Want to elect an interterm chair because we as a body only see what we allocate in each sub-committee but there is a whole body of information that we don’t see, so we want to use interterm to get caught up to speed, until elections we will appoint someone currently acting as a sub-committee chair to chair SFC.

Motion to appoint Blake for SFC chair until elections, Jake seconded that vote: 33 for, 1

absention, motion passed


Van Update:

We have an SFC van (for clubs recognized by the SFC), there was some miscommunication about whose van it was, Amy and Anishah will be incharge of scheduling the use. We will also be writing a protocol for use of the van.


Review and Recognition (R&R)

New Clubs recognized: see R&R minutes


Declined to recognize: see R&R minutes


Spoke to BSU about internal organization and their communication with SFC, want to make sure that everyone has access to plan social events on campus. Crew will receive funding cuts due to SFC’s financial reality. The outing club must adhere to cheque requests. Amherst photography-lack of advertising and recommendations to reach all levels of photographers, may higher an instructor. SoCo has been keeping to date with events that reach the whole campus, have been working with Quack, great progress made.

?what does it mean to be recognized

Preliminary to getting SFC funding, however you don’t necessarily have to be recognized to get money. Being recognized is easier to be official, book spaces on campus,

Value to community, are you adhering to non-discriminatory policies, is there a need for your club on campus, financial viability.

R&R minutes attatched to SGO minutes


Committee Updates


NESCAC schools creating an index about accepted athletes. Surveyed campus: Students are having problems funding books, finding on-campus employment and financial aid effects

Don’t feel comfortable raising student activities fee until SFC does their revamp



Athlete Advisory Committee: NESCAC wide student meeting believe that each College should have their own student athlete advisory committee, should combine 2 positions (school and NESCAC wide committee representative)


Library Committee: painted pillars white on C level, better lighting on C level, emergency phones, more furniture, mirrors in C level.

New signs where everything is located in the library, change the seating in the library, possibilities of getting more computer perhaps laptops for student use.


Priorities and resources:

budget, projected tuition, endowment but all info is confidential as of now.



Dean Haynes:

Crew team had raised some concerns with interactions with the SFC, E-board reviewed, presented their findings at the following meeting, ad-hoc committee was formed. The constitution is the only legal document we have with the college, therefore it is extremely important that we follow it, to maintain the quality of student life. Over the past 5-6 years (1995 last time constitution was revised) many things have been run on precedent as opposed to constitution---if constitution is not to date with today we must move to resolve these differences. As of now the SFC was not following constitution (though they were acting in what they felt was the best interest of SFC and the students), needs to be addressed by this senate and Crew was rightful in raising their concerns. Here to offer my services to the SGO, have knowledge in parliamentary procedure and would be happy to be involved in SGO, SFC and the other branches of the SGO.

Need an ad-hoc committee to revise the constitution for how it is written and how we function today and resolve the differences.


Bob: created an ad-hoc committee last meeting for SFC, has concerns with revamping the constitution in that not everyone is around for the 4 years on SGO, how do we keep it continuous, so that when ’06 and’07 come into SGO it isn’t revamped again.


DH: need to look at what is not working today, problem is that since we have been running on precedent, so there isn’t an existing history that we can refer back to. Important to rework this constitution now, and we have the time to do it. ( so that things like e-board resignations don’t occur)


?how does our constitution compare to those of other schools

DH: SGO setup so that your on a committee and because of that you are in senate, as opposed to being in senate and then going to a committee.

SGO has 5 branches and the constitution is set up so that each branch function independently, no checks and balances between the 5 branches. (each branch does its own final decision as opposed to the final decision being brought to a larger body ie. Senate)

Great that Amherst students are involved in all aspects of campus life: trustee advisory, college council etc.

Major recommendation: MUST consider Robert’s Rules of Order, and should be employed

DH: personal opinion on the sub-committees under the sub-committee chairs in the SFC, believes it is unpractical considering the involvement of students.


? what is working in the constitution/has worked in the past 5 years

DH: there was more awarness of the constitution and people checked themselves, not any part of the constitution that I particularly support.


DH: would suggest something along the lines where president attends all the functions, speaks for the student body and the president appoints senate members and brings it back to the senate to vote. VP: takes care of functions of the meetings, new position that would do Review and Recogntion. R&R would be an ongoing procedure by a parlimentarian, senate would be the voting body

Marisol: gives too much power to the president, can be much more democratic since we are a small body.

Instead of everyone having particular expertise on a particular aspect, everyone would have a more broad sense of constitution and would be more knowledgeable on different areas.

Mike: Issues are brought to the SGO, lots of hot air, would be more accountability if we were part of the senate first and foremost and the committee second.

DH: happy to be apart of the restructuring of this body and looks forward to working with us is the future.


Ad-hoc committee on SFC formed last meeting:

Caetie: Charged with reviewing allegations on SFC procedure and policy. Became apparent that there were larger issues at hand, broken down into issues that are immediate vs long term. First four resolutions are for immediate action, fifth resolution is long term. Not trying to impose anything on SFC, but just trying to improve the SFC definition as a whole. Not necessarily resolutions but put in the form of resolutions to raise their argument.

Resolution 1:

Irv: time issue with implementing resolution number 1, but want to adopt it into policies and procedures.

SFC should send emails to clubs verifying that budgets were received.

Resolution 2:

Resolution 3:

Proposed that adhere to this section from now on

Resolution 4:

Money is being spent on excess (food etc.), large amounts of money spent by SGO should be brought to the senate

DH: money has been allocated to the SFC and SGO according to the SFC chair of that time, which is why it varies so much and we therefore need to work according to constitution.

Amy wants to make a friendly amendment: SGO should be treated as a club, e-board should come up with a budget and follow it.

DH: It is absurd that the SGO does not have an operating budget.


Resolution 5:

?is this committee different from the one proposed by DH

Caetie: wanted to limit this committee and focus on SFC issues primarily, and would work with DH

Eric: If we are reevaluating the SGO, SFC should fall under it naturally

Jake: SFC committee needs to be here as a temporary form of action

Jun: this committee is a great way for us to start re-evaluating ourselves, the committee that DH proposed has a much larger agenda.

DH: can go either way what ever is more comfortable (2 separate committees and SFC committee stays temporary or whether they eventually merge)

Caetie: this committee could serve as a bridge to the DH committee.

Ben: this committee will be making reports to the senate, so if the SGO review committee is formed it will not be in the dark with advances and changes made by the SFC committee.

Amy: SFC committee focuses on the daily actions of the SFC, vs the other committee works on the greater function/structure.

Eric: motion to consider the notions of these different committees next week.

Jorge: these resolutions need to be implemented immediately.

Zeeya: motions to pass resolutions 1,2, 4 to be implemented as soon as possible, 28 for, 0 opposed, 0 abstentions, passed.

Jun: this committee needs to be reformed again, since its mission is being changed.

David: Should have two different committees, one with SFC and one with SGO and separate the 2 issues.

Mike: create a permanent committee for review of constitution, consist of 9 members of SFC…withdrawn

Motion to be table, passed.

Meeting adjourned.