2-November 1998, 9:00 PM

Converse Red Room

President Tom Gray called the meeting to order at 9:10 PM. He began by introducing Anishah Cumber 'the new member of the Committee on Priorities and Resources. Tom also noted the recent decision by the faculty to require in-class evaluations of all tenure-track faculty members. He said that Professor Griffiths, chair of the faculty tenure committee, had complimented the SGO several times for its assistance in building support for that decision.

Tom called for Committee Reports. Andrew Galvin, President of the Class of 1999, began by saying that he is investigating the current debate over whether the Olio should include color pictures of seniors. He is also working with the Career Center to hold a non-traditional career fair in the spring.

Class of 2000 President Rajah Menon is still looking for ideas for a class event.

Class of '01 President David Azoulay has found significant opposition from the Fine Arts Department in response to his proposal for a craft room in the remodeled Fayerweather. He is working with a sophomore to begin an Adopt-A-Grandmother program. His foremost concern at this time is getting toppings for the yogurt in Valentine.

The Advisory Committee on Honorary Degrees met with the Trustees and presented their input regarding speakers for graduation.

The College Council has nothing to do, so they've been discussing the issue of allowing vehicle registration for first-year students. They found that widespread corruption made the issue irrelevant.

The Committee on Educational Policy has been trying to formulate a definition for what exactly is defined as a seminar.

The Committee on Physical Education and Athletics has been monitoring the remodeling of the athletic complex.

The Committee on Priority and Resources is examining faculty benefit packages.

The Security Advisory Committee has been looking to improve lighting near the gym and on the Hill.

The Trustee Advisory Committee on Student Life met with the Trustees during their recent visit to campus. They have now established an email system to communicate with the Trustees more frequently than their current three breakfasts per year. They are also looking to sponsor a lecture series on social responsibility.

The Library Committee reported that Mead Art Museum would be undergoing renovations next year. As a result, their slide collection will be housed on the north side of Frost Library for the 1999-2000 school year, cutting down on the amount of study space in the library.

The Student Finance Committee is very busy, but things are going smoothly. The Review and Recognition process for the spring is rapidly approaching.

The BSU is hosting Harlem Renaissance on November 7th. This week is La Causa's Semana Latina. The LBGTA and QSA will be publishing a newsletter with their responses to recent controversial chalkings.

The Ad Hoc Valentine Review Committee has been discussing the possibility of creating an alternative meal plan. This plan would have 14 meals instead of the current 21, but would cost the same and would credit $200 to a student's AC Dollar account each semester.

The Ad Hoc SFC Review Committee is looking into embezzlement and corruption.

The Ad Hoc SGO Housing Committee will soon be dissolving itself. The SGO's presence in Residential Life discussions was not helpful in solving their problems. The Committee will soon be doing a poll on TAP and dorm damage issues. Rebecca Stair opened the floor to opinions of SPC members on both issues.

Dave Berman noted the difficult of legally licensing a keg in Amherst. Tom suggested that the issue go to the College Council for discussion, since the College Council currently has nothing to do.

Adriene Hill said that she felt that having a guest list at TAP would unnecessarily limit Five College access to Amherst parties.

Greg Baker noted that student security is often ineffective at parties and suggested that a campus police officer be hired to work at TAP. Vanessa Olivier said that student security needs to be better trained.

Brian Simoneau said that recent RC discussions had favored the idea of banning all unlicensed kegs at TAP. Amy Friedman seconded this idea, and suggested that an ACEMS member always be on hand at TAP.

Scott Kerns protested that we were making TAP no fun. Tom affirmed that a balance between fun and destruction was needed.

Mike Ward and Debbie Cook both noted that high school kids needed to be banned from TAP. Debbie also said that a map needed to be created to show students where the line was between campus and town property.

Josh Block argued that cutting down the number of people at TAP would drive more people to social dorm parties.

Noah T. Winer opened up a discussion regarding Interterm. He argued that it currently lacks substance, and pointed to Smith College's program as an example of changes we could make to increase substance and quality of Interterm. Smith now pays students $500 to teach a class, assuming there are at least ten students and the class meets 10 hours per week. Their entire program costs $60,000.

Vanessa Olivier said that we should survey the student body to see what classes they would like. Kristen Johnson said that useful courses, such as vocational training or licensing program, were very popular. Vanessa suggested drivers' education.

Debbie said that language immersion would be useful to many students. Josh Fischel said that reading groups and art classes would also be popular. Josh Block suggested intramural sports during Interterm.

Adele Vigil made the point that the program needed extensive funding. If most of the courses were expensive to participate in, financial aid students would be left out.

Tom said that he has organized a conference of the NESCAC schools, to take place at Amherst College on November 14th. The conference will hopefully have representatives from all of the NESCAC schools and will be a forum where they can discuss the new structure of the athletic conference, as well as other problems on their campuses.

Mike Ward explained that the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid has received a charge from the Committee of Six to look into financial aid, early decision, and athletic recruitment. They will be holding a forum on November 9th to get campus feedback on those issues.

Rebecca Stair announced that the Five College Council, the association of student governments at the five colleges, was looking to put together a major lecture or lecture series on the issue of affirmative action in the spring.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

James Dubick

Recording Secretary, SGO.