AAS Minutes



I. Attendance

II. Call to Order at 9:05 p.m.

III. Approval of the minutes: Minutes approved.

IV.  Officer Reports

  Mike: Congratulations new senators.

V. Announcements


IV.  Special Orders

Swearing in of New Senators.

Committee Elections:

Judiciary Council (JC):

o  Jess Rothschild, elect

o  Patrick Gehring , elect

Budgetary Committee (BC):

o  Josh Stein, elect

o  Andrea Gyrody, elect

o  Gottlieb, elect

o  Rose, elect

o  Avi, elect

o  Jordan McCabe, elect

o  Charmel, elect

o  Pat Benson, elect

Elections Committee

o  Caitlin, elect

o  Adam Bookman, elect

o  Gottlieb, elect

Dining Services Committee

o  Raj Borsellino, elect

o  Avi Das, elect

o  Josh Stein, elect

o  Julie Kim, elect

o  Janice Djabatey, elect

College Council

o  Gloria Monfrini ’07: Freshman year as Senator; was also in College Council.

Ashley Rose ’07, elect: Feels that being in the College Council will best represent her class.

Dave Gottlieb ’06, elect: Plagiarists are punished too much. Students are punished too much. College was too scared to tell its students its admissions statistics, would like to inform students about these. Fraternities do not need to be further banned.

Daniel de Zeeuw ’08, elect: Returning Council member; tried to remain impartial on fraternity issue and listen to constituents. TYPO with college advisors.

o  Caitlin ‘06: Knows deans well. Interested about TYPO.

o  Sam Siegel ’08: Wants to work with faculty.

o  Julie Kim ’08: Wants to voice the opinions of the class of 2008.

Committee on Resources

o  Julie Kim: Wants to go into it 100%.

Josh Stein, elect: Is assertive.

Dan de Zeeuw, elect: Understands how the money within the school works.

o  Jordan McKay: Represent the student population.

Committee on Educational Policy

o  Jason Kung: Gives a good representation of the student body.

Andrea Gyrody, elect: Bring her experience with the lack of core curriculum to full use on CEP.

o  Sam Siegel: Has experience with math and LJST. Has high school experience with faculty.

o  Gottlieb: Is majoring in mathematics.

Emily Silberstein, elect: Getting students more involved in tenure process. Is dedicated.

Library Committee:

Mira, elect

Committee on Discipline:

o  Gottlieb: Wants to look at motives behind each action.

Samantha, elect: Fascinated by process. Has experience from high school.

Rob Cobbs, elect: Wants to look at motives behind each action.

Mira, elect: Has been on it 3 years.

o  Adam Bookman: Personal experience with Dean’s Office

Committee on Health and Safety:

Pat Benson, elect: Concerned with health.

o  Sam Siegel: Wants to make Health Center hours longer.

Committee on Physical Education and Athletics

Adam, elect: Plays sports at varsity, club, and intramural.

o  Pat: Winter months are overtaxed, issues with space could be addressed.

Charmel, elect: Cares about sports, works for Sports Information.

IT Policy

Charmel, elect.

Affirmative Action Committee

Raj, elect

o  Jordan

Advisory Committee on Trusteeship

o  Avi, elect

Advisory Committee on Honorary Degrees

o  Avi, elect

o  Tim, elect

Trustee Advisory Committee on Student Life

Rania, elect

Emily, elect

o  Caitlin

Janice, elect

Avi, elect

o  Gottlieb

o  Gloria

o  Ashley

o  Andrea

Space Allocation Committee

o  Jason, elect

o  Avi, elect

o  Caitlin, elect

Interdepartmental Student Fund Committee

o  Sam Siegel

Jason Kung, elect

Residential Life Committee

Benson, elect

Rania, elect

Gloria, elect

o  Caitlin

Martin Luther King Committee

o  Avi

Jordan, elect

VII. New Business

o  Focus groups will give more student input to changes on campus. Input needed.

o  Motion to put 5-item MassPIRG agreement in Senate Orders. Motion passes.

o  Motion to create ad hoc committee for Scrutiny. Will report by 5/1/06. Jason, Julie, Austin, Rob.

o  2 year e-board spots: Motion to charge this to the JC. Motion passes.

V.  Adjournment (12:15 p.m.)