AAS SENATE Minutes: Monday 10/28/02 9 PM, Converse Hall Cole Assembly Room

10th Meeting of the ’02-’03 AAS Senate


I. Call to Order (9:10 PM)

II. Attendance

Julie Ben Ro Mike Jesse Will Stacy Ali

Kay Mihailis Jay Lincoln Eric Blake Luke Geoff

Elan Ali Maria Christian Niti Paige

Rania Andre Techo John Ian

Alan Chris

III. Announcements (9:12)

A. E-Branch

1.  Valentine Committee (ad-hoc)

Will discuss in New Business time allowing

B. Senate

Jesse: Will pick up 150 pumpkins. If you have time come with me to pick up pumpkins from Atkin’s farm.

Ben: I am doing a review of all the committees. I will bring to the senate something to vote on that will be added to the by laws. Will not be done until December, because I need to talk to the deans.


IV. Minutes of the Previous Meeting (10/21/02) (9:19)

Luke: Question on the voting chart. Are they permanent?

Bob: We will continue to do that. We will get it on the minutes.

Luke: Can we get the same kind of charts for the E-Board votings, or similar thing for other votes?

Lincoln: I didn’t talk about SoCo.

Eric: I did not say one person one vote.

Luke: Can we table this until next week? I have not had a chance to look at it.

Bob: We will do that.


V. Report of the President (9:17)

Dave: Thank you for spending time to vote in the diversity seats, and make informed decisions. I would like to know when we can meet at Valentine and eat, so we can create a comfortable environment where people can come and talk to us. For example, Friday 6 for dinner. Or Thursday, because Friday is a low traffic time. I guess we can schedule one see how successful it is. Lastly, the president of Smith’s government came over to speak to the E-board. We are planning a meeting for all the E-boards. It will take place at 2 PM at Smith College this weekend. I would like to invite senators and other students. So contact anyone on the e-Board and we will be happy to talk to you.

Stacy: What are the goals of this meeting?

Dave: What we, as a body, can do, and what our goals will be. The Smith government has 70 people on the senate and 17 people on e-board. We want to discuss what the make up of such panel will be and what we can do as a body. For example, to improve student life and such.

Bob: Straw vote on lunch valentine or dinner. Roughly half and half.


VI. Report of the Vice-President (9:21)

Bob: Our attendance is running too low, too close to the quorum. We have had a problem with senators leaving during the meeting. At least two votes came to a tie, or won by a vote. One person leaving can make a difference. Some senators have been asking me about excused absences after the meeting has taken place. The idea is to have a quorum, and for me to know how many absences I can grant. You also need to attend committees with the same kind of effort. Ben, Stacy, Kay Luke and Liv have perfect attendance. Ben was also best dressed. We should get started with the class projects. One needs to benefit the class and the other the school. Come up with ideas.


VII. Report of the Judiciary Council Chair (9:24)

Bob: Jun is sick. Shaun is taking her place for tonight.

Shaun: We had review and recognition last week.

We heard another 36 tonight and will vote soon. We are heading for our 11th hour.

Eric: Why were people put on probation rather than de-recognized?

Shaun: It was a slap on the wrist.

Vivek: There is no probation in the constitution. We are pointing out that there is a flaw and that they can come next time and we will reconsider at a later time.

Julie: What happened to youth route?

Shaun: They send tutors to Holyoke community. They have 6 members. We asked the about expanding the membership but they said they can’t. We don’t think these 6 students can make a significant impact on campus. They don’t publicize, and they are too comfortable in their place. They need to make more of an effort let themselves known.

Vivek: Their role didn’t require recognition.

Mike: Is the limit apposed by someone else?

Shaun: They said it was a transportation issue. Instead of making provisions for that, they limit membership.

Ali: Wouldn’t it be better to put them on probation?

Shaun: it was discussed but this group is unique, in that they didn’t try. At this time they are no longer recognized. They can go to the out reach office. Other groups, please submit the notice of non-discrimination.


VIII. Report of the Secretary (9:34)

Alex: The website has been updated except for committee vacancies. We will make an excel sheet with all the senators and their contact and committee info. I will send out a list to gather people’s birthdays, to create a community. I started a Valentine table. We will have another one next week or the week after. Can more people volunteer to sit at the table? We want to carry this through this year.


IX. Report of the Treasurer (9:35)

Livia: For the class council projects, you have 1000 per class. Does not roll over to next semester. Spend it by the end of semester. It is allocated to you, and cant be tacked on to clubs. Dec 6th is the last Friday before finals, all checks must be submitted. This will help the audit. All receipts must be in by Nov 26th. We want to close the books.




$75 Democrats for election tabulation day.

$800 PISEAS for a conference.

$875 Total

New Total: $14965.05



$3500 Sailing, for a boat.

$3500 Total

New Total: $17873.60


Still 30000 still remaining for this semester. Three weeks left for requesting money


X. Special Orders (9:41)

A.  BC Funding Recommendations

Eric: Point of info. How is it different from the Students of Color program?

Livia: It is student oriented.

May: It also involves students from top 20 colleges and universities

Eric: Do you fly people in?

May: We provide resources within the schools that prospectives can contact. You don’t find many South East Asian students in the liberal arts schools. Most people don’t even know about Amherst. We have a different atmosphere. Without that kind of inside resource, these students are left hanging.

Mike: You are asking money to bring other students from other colleges to make documentations. You are trying to establish a program.

May: The program stems from a conference held in the Bay area. To help them with the college application process. We want to bring in two representatives from the New England area. Pomona and Stanford can’t afford to fly in.

Geoff: What are the liberal arts colleges specifically?

May: It is taken off the US news.

Andre: Are the other schools contributing financially?

May: You are looking at the program with little history. To give them incentive to come out to Amherst we need to provide. We are asking them to come out based on a vision. We cant ask other students to ask for funding.

Lincoln: Only for South East Asian students? We are encouraging Hillel and ACF to be inclusive. I am concerned about this specificity.

May: It is targeted to South East Asian high school students, but its open to everyone. But every college student can participate. But it is targeted for specific high school students. The reason is, for example, when affirmative action was lifted in California, the break down of the Asian students showed that the number of South East Asian students decreased in the UC’s.

Mike: Point of Order, I don’t think this discussion is relevant. We are trying to fund a conference.

May: it is open to everyone on campus.

Livia: When you say targeting South East Asian students, is it FOR South East Asian students. Because if it is, we need to discuss it so we need to table it.

Mike: We are funding an event. It doesn’t matter.

Eric: of the top 20 colleges and universities, who have contacted? And have you talked to the admission?

May: The liberal arts were hesitant, and the bigger schools are more open. The Admission office has not yet gotten back to me. The ones who are closer to us are a lot more open. The far ones are more hesitant. If we have the funding, these colleges are more likely to come.

Bob: Will cut the speaker’s list.

Mike: I don’t think it’s the senate’s job to learn about every group.

Luke: Motion to pass BC recommendations.

Blake: Motion to move question (9:55)

Pro, we should go with recommendations.

Luke: con, I want to hear the rest of the speaker’s list.

Bob: 2/3rd vote. Arm vote.

Favor 23

Opposed 5

We will vote. Roll call.

SEE VOTE 1 BELOW. Motion (Mike Flood) to pass Budgetary Committee funding recommendations: PASSES 27-3-0


XI. General Orders (9:58)

A.  Committee Vacancies

Ben: It is not possible to fill all these committees, based on class year space allocation committee. It will not work. Committees below, sans library committee, they are different that the committees that we have created. These committees don’t have to count to the two committees you sit on. We need to vote on this change.

Elan: I move to make the committees created by the college council to be exempt from the two counted committees.

Elan: This is a good idea. If we don’t approve this it will violate the constitution.

Matt: What is the justification?

Ben: There are 4 different kinds of committees. Student committees with only students, faculty committees, trustee committees, and committees created by the college council. They should be distinguished. They come from different sources. The college council committees can be considered lesser, and do not meet very often.

Andre: Why cant we make these ad-hoc?

Ben: They are currently. We want to write them into the by-laws. We need to decide how we want to treat them for now. But they are not really ad-hoc.

Mike: Call to question. (10:05)

Luke objects

Shaun: Why does the space allocation need to have one from each class. Who determined this qualification?

Ben: I am not sure.

Will: That came from the dean’s office.

Ben: They were the class presidents. We need to make some changes on that.

Luke: Point of info, can we make the class presidents the class chair.

Ben: we could.

Luke: Then we can make the exempt.

Jesse: Are there faculty?

Ben: no

Geoff: Point of Info, not true.

Ben: There are administrator.

Eric: There isn’t one on one of the committees.

Stacy: Technical worry, does this fall in the scope of this body or on the constitution.

Bob: The constitution does not tell us who runs the committees. WE decided to give to the election committee chair.

Mike: Move the question. (10:08)

As a group we are discussing things to death. We spent too much time on irrelevant things. Lets put people on the committees.

Luke: I am against moving to question when people on the speaking list.

Bob: Will vote now. Arm vote.

Favor: 20

Against: 7


Will Vote on the Motion (10:09) Voice vote.


Luke: Will these committees meet within the next week?

Ali: We are tabling it too much.

Mike: Motion to nominate and vote. (10:11)

1.  Library Committee: 1 spot

Geoff: Point of info. What do you do?

Ben: We meet once or twice a semester, and we discuss issues pertaining to the library.


Voice vote for Geoff. Elected.

2. Space Allocation Committee: 1 Sophomore spot, 1 Junior spot, 1 Senior spot

- allocate space to student groups. Meet once in April.

Sophomore: Elan

Junior: Jay

Senior: Ben

3. Interdepartmental Student Fund Committee: 1 spot

Ian elected.

4. Residential Life Committee: 1 Senior spot

Mike Flood


B. Diversity Senator Seat Allocations – Presentation, Discussion, & Vote (10:20)

1.  Asian students community (presented by Asian Students Association)

Mike: I motion to do the same time thing.

Bob: Same format as last week.

Frances Lin: ASA hold cultural and contemporary events, lectures, and issues. That does not mean we have a strong voice on campus. WE don’t even have a strong voice in ethnic clubs. Amherst is the only school that did not approve the Asian Pacific American studies. Asians are not getting enough attention. By having a seat, we would like to propose issues that the Asian people face.

Dave: 4 in favor, one abstention.

Andre: What percentage of the Asian community on Amherst? How other than the one administration were there other issues?

Frances: at the club fair, we had about 210 people signed up. If you count everyone, there is a significant amount. I am not sure about the percentage. We do take up a big percentage. In regards to APA studies, our concern is that not enough people know about it. We do not have active members, and we want to inform this kind of issues to the AAS meetings.

Matt: Why is the senator key to these issues?

Frances: I have put together historical issues. Through AAS, I feel that we can propose issues that we feel uncomfortable communicating with the senators.

Bob: Will cut discussion at 10:31

Maria: These events are not historic. They happened within the last month.

Frances: The Asians are model minority. In affirmative action, we were not listed as those who will benefit. On the Amherst Student, it shows Black students graduating at a higher percentage, but such information for Asian students do not exist. Asian students are not presented as minorities. The fact that in the US….. (time elapsed)

Bob: We will now do a roll call vote.

Elan: Does this seat include South West Asian students?

Bob: The Asian students came to us representing the Asian community, and we can’t get in to that discussion. We will vote now. (10:31)

SEE VOTE 2 BELOW. Diversity Senator seat allocation for Asian students community: PASSES 15-13-3



Luke: Motion to extend time until finishing the New Business with the exception of the Five College event.

Mike: I want to see the senate take responsibility for their own actions. I will vote no.

Ben: I agree with the sentiment, but we need to take care of new business.

Luke: Agree with sentiment. Call to question.


Jesse: The senior class event is tomorrow, so I want to motion to suspend the rules of order.

Mike: I move the question. I hope everyone will vote with sentiments and principles.

Bob: We will vote. (voting to vote) (10:37)

30 in favor 1 against passes

We will vote on going through new business. By hand.

12 favor 16 in favor


Andre: motion to vote on senior project. (10:39)

Bob: We will vote by hands. 2/3rd majority.

Favor: 29 Against: 0


XIII. New Business

A.  Senior Class Council Project Proposal, All-School

Jesse: It gets approved as a class project and we can allot money. We will line up pumpkins on the Freshmen quad.

Luke: Do we need to worry about money?

Eric: do you have knives?

Jesse: Valentine knives.

Lincoln: Motion to approve

Bob: We will vote.

Passes by voice vote

XIV. Adjournment (10:41)



Vote Description Summaries: 1) Pass Budgetary Committee funding recommendations (PASSES 27-3-0). 2) Diversity Senator seat allocation for Asian students community (PASSES 15-3-3).





Julie Babayan



Ben Baum



Rocio Digon



Mike Flood



Jesse Freedman



Will Johnson



Stacey Kennard



Ali Sacks






Kay Bradley



Mihailis Diamantis



Jay Gilliam



Lincoln Mayer



Eric Osborne



Blake Sparrow



Luke Swarthout



Geoff Walter






Elan Ghazal



Angie Han



Ali Hassan



Maria Jones



Ryan Park



Christian Sanchez



Niti Sardana



Paige Wallace






Rania Arja



Sameer Bashey



Caleb Deats



Andre Deckrow



Techo Kim



John Lian



Ian Shin



Matt Vanneman






Alan Vazquez (La Causa)



Chris Sorrentino (Pride A.)