AAS Minutes



I. Attendance

II. Call to Order at 9:09 p.m.

III. Approval of the minutes: Minutes approved.

IV.  Officer Reports:

  Ryan: College Council is not finished in its deliberations on fraternities. Open meetings will be held with students next year. Also, Scrutiny will be further discussed next year. Ros Hoffa will publish the career publication starting next year.

IV.  Special Orders

  Fall Budget

o  Guidelines: There was a general increase in the honorarium that will be paid for speakers. So, BC has looked at these speakers with a discriminating eye, and some ended up not getting funding.

o  Motion to remove all Ski Team funding.


1.  Ski Team will probably have a 5-member team next year; the amount per student funding is too great

2.  If AAS supports the Ski Team, it would only be fair if they were given full funding so that students wouldn’t have to pay everything. If not, then

3.  Ski Team has mislead the AAS about how many members would be on it


1.  All NESCAC Schools have a Ski Team, but those are all varsity teams

o  Motion passes.

o  Motion to consider the BSU budget; allocate them $1072.


1.  Harlem Renaissance is a great, well-attended event

2.  BSU will come back to ask for money from discretionary anyway


1.  BSU did not submit a budget

2.  If this is funded, BC will have used different standards for different clubs (Since they were not given a budget to look at, BC was not able to give a thorough, careful review).

3.  If money is not given to BSU today, then there will be more money in the discretionary fund next semester; no damage would be done to BSU

o  Motion passes.

o  Motion to cut BSU’s budget in half and give the half to BSU.


1.  The dinners are not religiously essential. There is more cultural value to these, but no other club had more than one cultural dinner per semester, and Hillel has 12.

2.  This is micromanaging the BC; also, there is no immediacy to this, because 6 of their dinners are already being funded.

3.  Money should not be cut from other clubs, Hillel should just reallocate money within their own budget.

o  Motion fails.

o  Entire budget passes.

o  Motion to charge the next treasurer to ask the coach of the ski team come to the next Senate meeting.

o  Bad idea for athletic department to come; they gave misinformation last time

o  Good idea to get more information

o  Motion passes.

o  Motion to charge Mike Simmons to recommend to faculty for CAP to tell Athletic Department to take up funding for the Ski Team.

o  Motion passes.

o  Motion to make the “Pass” option void.

o  Motion fails.

V.  Adjournment (10:15 p.m.)