SEPTEMBER 24, 2001




Roll Call

Present: everyone BUT: James OT (late 15 min), Blake Sparrow, Bradford Coffey



Election Schedule

Oct 18, Thursday: Elections


Recommendations for Treasurer Search Committee

Need a treasurer



Why are we using Styrofoam? B/c too expensive to buy the bio-degradable stuff.

Anything else about Valentine please email Michelle so she can relay the info


US Savings Bond---Lincoln

Marisol: this has nothing to do with SGO,

Lincoln: wants the SGO to authorize this, thus it shows SGO’s support

Will: You don’t need our approval, so do you want a resolution ?

Anishah: Is this an SGO thing?

Lincoln basically is going to hand out flyers saying to buy bonds and how to etc.

Livia: this could lead to a lot of controversy if this is just for ceremonial value

Seth: thinks this is a worthy cause, we are politically apathetic

Michelle: has a problem with language ie.$40 billion for defence vs raising funds for relief

Mike: this gets the SGO’s name on campus and doesn’t think it’s political

Lincoln: is cool

Seth: Friendly amendment: The SGO affirms a savings bond drive in support of our nation in time of crisis.

Amendment passes


Communtity Talks Proposal

Dean Lieber: SGO funded drives to send cheques to relief


New Business

SFC had policies and procedures, put huge debts on their credit cards. We have a credit card, students can make online purchases. Will Johnson will set up office hours for that.


Ben will look into the library setting up tours to the bunker, which is located in the mountains, and the library currently stores all their books there.


Livia: Health services, Dr. Clapp may extend office hours from 5:30 to 6:00pm, As for the nurses who are not very friendly with students, it has been addressed and there have been rearrangements in terms of staff leaving for other endeavors and replacements, campus email will be sent asking students about their issues with health services.