AAS SENATE MINUTES: Monday 3/24/03 9 PM, Converse Hall Cole Assembly Room

22nd Meeting of the '02-'03 AAS Senate - 7th Meeting of Spring 2003


I. Call to Order (9:09 PM)


II. Attendance (16 out of 26 senators present)


III. Official Introduction of JC Member Taamiti Bankole '06


IV. Announcements

A. Ben has two announcements:

1. Call for forum.

2. Information about election for next year will be sent via campus mail tomorrow. Openings and due-dates will be listed. An e-mail notice will be sent as well.

B. Matt Vanneman is resigning from the Elections Committee since he will be running in the coming election.

C. Jesse: Wants to see if people are interested in forwarding money to the TYPO program to pay what the school cannot. Moot point because the allocation took place last meeting.

D. Ryan:

1. On April 2nd, there will be a security forum with Campus Police and deans.

2. Would like to get funding ($3000) for the New York Times Readership Program.

E. Alex: AAS website has been updated; van request will start on April 3.

F. Bob: Sameer Bashey has resigned from his position on the First-Year Class Council.


V. Adjournment, 9:18, due to lack of 2/3 quorum; meeting was forced to adjourn.