AAS SENATE AGENDA: Monday 9/23/02 9 PM, Fayerweather 115

6th Meeting of the ’02-’03 AAS Senate


I. Call to Order (9 PM)

II. Attendance

III. Announcements

A.  E-Branch

Jun: Thanks to all those who came to the pres meeting

1.  AAS website updated

Alex: everything is up to date except for freshmen. Once they are elected they will be on there. Everything is up there, including contact info. It’s user friendly.

2. Welcome to our newly hired Recording Secretary

B.  Senate

Lincoln: change in the minutes. Seniors can participate in TYPO for the first three weeks, but seniors can still participate after September.

____: Take some election posters and hang them up in your dorms.

IV. Minutes of the Two Previous Meetings (9/9 and 9/16)

Bob: minutes approved.


V. Report of the President

Dave: IT board was not included originally during the drafting of the constitution. We forgot the committee. Appoint two members to that committee and later in the year put it into the constitution. There are things in the constitution that needs to be improved. It’s a work in progress. Its an improvement of the past but any question, or discrepancies should be directed to Jun or Dave. The presentation by Kate Lang-- we should reach out to other student organizations in the valley and country and build bonds. The senate should think about this and form allies. As an E board voted and approved the continuation of diversity senators. Voting members: la casa, ISA Amherst republicans, Amherst Pride Alliance, Queer Straight Alliance


VI. Report of the Treasurer

Alex: if you are president of a club, email Alex.


Programming: started with $51,265.20 to $29,205.20
CREW: $7,000
RIDING: $2800
SoCo: $5000
La CAUSA: $6000

DISCRETIONARY:  started with $24,123.60 to $21,678.60
RIDING: $1450
La CAUSA: $50


VII. Report of the Judiciary Council Chair

Jun: Club recognition this Thursday evening. Currently 6 or 7 applications. Will get back to you next week with results. Will have review and recognition in a few weeks. If constituents ask, all clubs must go through review and recognition at least once. Hope it will go smoothly.

_____: can the senators have the list of all clubs?

Jun: semester long process of reviewing the constitution. Bring to senate and to referendum. Mostly grammatical issues. I.e. judicial council instead of judiciary council. E board will give one week before getting back to the diversity senators.

Vivek: reason we are not giving each time is to get everything organized

Jun: will keep everyone posted.

Livia: (Reads all the budgetary information listed above)

Lincoln: point of info. What is voice of voices for?

Livia: We pay for 6 out of 8 speakers. It’s an important big program.

La casa rep: Originally began as Five College event. We bring in numerous street poets, of all ethnicity and background. They must be paid, because they are so famous. They are cutting down their price to come perform here. They are taking a pay cut. This event happens for three days but it was shortened to one day. A very few selected poets are to come. The event is open to all audience. All the other places are booked. That’s why we can’t get room.

Livia: The budget does not concern the room.

____: Did you mention what to do with circus?

Livia: Go to the English dept first. Right now we don’t have the funding immediately.

____: I really want AAS to support campus publications. As an intellectual community, publications are important.

Luke: About riding, did they ever disclose the amount of income from their shows?

Livia: gave us bank statement. 184 dollars

Luke: different from crew, they get revenue. How we should approve clubs accordingly.

Livia: Unable to obtain more information from them. They did give some form of contract. We don’t know how much they have.

Mike: They don’t have receipts to back it up. Money is used to pay for other shows. We need to tell them to keep track of this money. They pay for everything as they go along and then make the money back at the end of the year.

Luke: Budgets require complete list of everything. They do take up revenue

Livia: They are also dealing with a completely different process. We are cutting them as much slack as we can, which is almost nothing. We are not their favorite people. We are not giving them any slack.

BoB: Point of Business 9:35

Motion to Limit discussion time

Motion to pass the Budget (Ali)

Motion Objected (Eric)

Motion to address everything in the budget (Eric)

Motion Objected (Maria: everything already discussed)

Point of order. easier to not object (Lincoln) 9:38

Call to question (Lincoln: we want to vote) 9:39 Want to end debate

Want to vote on Eric’s Motion 9:39

Bob: will vote on motion. Voice vote

Vote with hands 7 yays, 17 nays 9:40

Marcel: Question on Circus. We are basically asking for money. We can’t ask English dept. They think it’s strange that student organization will not take this up.

Bob: Vote on the motion 9:41

Call the question Luke 9:41

Point of question. (Eric) Object to this motion. We need to discuss this. We are passing 50% of program budget.

Luke: 40 %

Mike: I think we need to anticipate a slow down in that kind of magnitude of the request.

Geoff: We knew that these would be issues, and these requests will trickle down. Coaches and things will be for the whole semester.

Livia: La Causa, and SOCO are the only one not important for continuation of clubs. All others are necessary for the survival of club.

Eric: take back objection.

Livia: not sure if it will slow down. That’s the best I can tell you.

Élan: point of info. How much out of program and discretionary?

Livia: about 22000 out of program 3000 from discretionary

Luke: some of these things are for club livelihood. How much is necessary for clubs? Ski team is doing outstanding. Want estimate.

Livia: 5000 ski, 500 snowboarding, about 2000 each for rugby. Men, a little more expensive.

Luke: 12000 for programming?

Jesse: crew can be paid by athletic dept

Livia: cannot, because will not pay for club sport

Élan: they actually do pay a little

Livia: Don’t pay for coach though

Marcella: Additional funding for circus is very important. It doesn’t make sense. 400 more publications. Editors don’t publish anything. It’s for other people to read and write

Ally: friendly amend for mike’s motion to approve circus. Is it friendly?


Ally: is it unfriendly? Give 1200 to circus.

Geoff: Point of info. Will that come out of discretionary?

Livia: yes.

Ryan: Point of info. How many coaches does crew have? But they pay 3 times as much?

Motion for unfriendly amendment. Geoff. second (Ryan) 9:51

Mike: there may be other dept willing to sponsor it. We are asking clubs to look for such sources before we give them all the money.

Livia: To be fair, you must vote no to every other club for coaches.


Mike: move the question. Second. 9:53

Require 2/3 votes

Pro: discussed it long enough.

Con: make a point for circus.

Lincoln: we can vote on motion then vote on budget

Bob: Marcella can speak

Marcella: 4 times the # can contribute and read. Taking up on the debate, you are responding to athletic team, with 400 copies circus doesn’t function either.

Bob: vote by hands

18 yay

1 nay

5 abstentions

Motion passes. Move to vote. 9:57


First vote on Non friendly amendment to give 1200 to circus (9:57)

Elan: Point of Info Can diversity vote on budget?

Ryan: just on the amendment?

Bob: vote by hands 9:58.

6 yay (give to circus)

10 nay

6 abstentions

Amendment fails. Back to discussion.

Motion to move to vote. Second (Luke)

In favor of voting the vote.

Pro: mike. We’ve discussed it enough

Con: Eric. Very much against it.

Bob: not debatable. Vote 10:00

Favor of moving on to vote 17 yay

6 nay



voting on budgetary committee’s recommendation. Roll call. 10:01

Julie y

Ben y

Rocio y

Mike y

Jesse pass-n

Will y

Stacy y

Ally pass-n


Kay y

Mihailis y

Lincoln y

Eric n

Blake y

Luke n

Geoff y


Élan n

Angie y

Ali y

Maria y

Ryan y

Christian y

Niti y

Paige y

18 yay

5 nay


Lincoln: point of info. What is Livia’s opinion on matching English dept’s funding up to 600?

Livia: English dept working with different budget. We are tight. We can’t do that. Not in that position.

Ally: I don’t want us to assume. We know anything about eng dept’s budget?


Bob: IT Policy committee to be written in to the constitution. We (Dr. Fiste) have worked it out. Need two appointed people. One for one year, one for two years.

Mike: wait until freshmen get elected.

Bob: urgent.

Luke: could we make a motion on that? We may not have a choice.

Bob: they vote on IT issues. Anyone interested? Its open to only senators.

Luke: POI, we can ask for nominations in the student body if necessary.

Ali: only one person wants it, none of them senators. Nominate Vivek(JC) and wait for the other one for freshmen.

Elan: do they become full voting members of the senate?

Bob: language III.B.3. does include judiciary committee members.

Mike: we want to keep the JC different. They are here to facilitate

Elan: III.D.4 they do become full voting members of the senate.

Jun: we can appoint him and get another senator

Julie: we recommend Jun figure out this matter.

Jun: JC is supposed to meet as a group. Vivek is a voting member. Conflict of interest for Vivek.

Mike: Table this until freshmen gets here. Motion Made. Second. 10:12

Bob: Need majority vote. Voice. 10:15



VIII. Unfinished Business 10:15

A.  Ideas for AAS initiatives in ’02-’03 (Secretary Alex Linden ’04)

Alex: Student body feels that they don’t know what goes on in the AAS. Have a table in Val sometime this week or next week. Anyone can come and submit ideas. That we do care about student concerns. Anyone interested in having a table? Livia, Luke, Paige, Maria, Ryan, Jesse, Bob, Dave. Haven’t decided a day, but we can decide together.

Jun: will we have things the students will be willing to read?

Alex: sure.

1. Compile list of Senators’ election platforms

2. Solicit student opinion via Valentine tabling

B.  Van Usage Policy (Secretary Alex Linden ’04)

Email AAS account. Policy on AAS website

C.  AAS clothing project (Secretary Alex Linden ’04)

Such as sweatpants. We don’t have enough funds. Make ad hoc committee submits a design. Those interested can buy them. Anyone interested on being on this committee. Ali and Mike. When design ready, let us know to put on agenda.

IX. New Business 10:20

A.  Five College Linkup (see below; Guest: Kate Lang, Five College Office Intern)

Kate Lang: There were reps that brought different issues to be addressed. The student coordinating board disappeared in the 80’s. We feel like students are looking to reach out to others in the five college community. Groups are seeking each other. Take a few minutes to think about different ways student communication across the valley.

Eric: Smith has a larger Religious Dept budget. Share resources. Question. With Five College Consortium, are there special activities?

Kate: max grant is 2000. Most grants we offer are few hundred dollars. Most activities are already school sponsored. Group must be represented by at least 3 of the 5 campuses. The application is on site. Money is available for groups working across valley.

Luke: Describe your role, and resources fro five colleges are.

Kate: I am an intern. Here for semester. Going out to campuses and touching base with governments. Bring together group of reps from five colleges, and pick and choose some initiatives and work on it. It will not end when I leave, the interest is there. Resources include event fund, and activity support. I am not guaranteeing anything except staff time and resources needed to bring people needed.

Eric: social organizations working together, people get lazy or don’t know about them.

Jesse: UMass has a bigger music pool than we do.

Kate: Will student-coordinating organization be worthwhile for the future?

Bob: straw vote. (sure)

Kate: Such as Winter Fest, Concert. Wish to know what students want for Jan interterm. Support a five college event that will hopefully become five college tradition?

_____: will create community.

Bob: straw vote?

Kate: get all SGA groups together. They will take over in letting us know what they want to do. No more frequently than one/semester. Getting different student groups with similar visions together. There are a lot of overlap among campuses.

_____: it’s hard to get contacts and pool resources together. I suggest that this is a good idea.

Dave: These ideas are mostly social, but consider an academic or intellectual environment. Forum between professors. Interesting dialogue between faculty and students. Engage in meaningful discussions.

Luke: point of Info, its 10:27. If we want to go one further, I ask we move on. If more people have questions stay after.

Julie: can I get on new business?

Bob: Kate, want to close?

Kate: I will get back to you. You are the second SGA I have met. Thank you for ideas. Will keep in touch. Get SGA leaders coordinated within the next month.


Julie: Resolution. Wish to send letter to physical plant. The dryers do not work very well. AAS requests more dryer time.

Elan: POI, at least in my dorm, the time has increased.

Niti: my dryer was 45 min


Jesse: Has committee on discipline met?


Eric: Anything people want to be included in the society.

Jun: Can you email us?

Jesse: I ask about discipline committee. Referring to the art. Straw vote. Condemnation of art destruction

Ryan: POI, would you recommend discipline?

Bob: Straw vote 10:37



Motion to adjourn 10:37


X. Adjournment (10:30 PM; see NOTE)


NOTE: Resolution adopted by the Senate on 9/16/02: The AAS shall conduct its business in a careful but expedient manner by setting 90 minutes as the maximum meeting length, effective 9/23/02. In special cases, meeting time may be extended by a majority vote of present Senators.


Agenda submitted to the AAS Senate Saturday 9/21/02, Vice-President Bob Razavi ’03.