AAS SENATE Minute Summarized: Monday 4/21/03 9:09 PM, Converse Hall Cole Assembly Room



I. Call to Order (9:09 PM)

II. Attendance

III. Announcements

A. Ben: 1st: Election starting tonight,

2nd: come tomorrow to see the new faces

3rd: given a ballot question by petition: having the whole school voting on the budget once a year. ( already put on the ballot)

B.Mike: t-shirts are coming soon, please hand in money soon. Ask for suggestion for the design.

C. Lincoln: my candidate statement did not appear on the students.

D. Ryan: this Thursday we are going to have a five-college planning board meeting. Looking for volunteers for student security.

IV: Minutes


corrections: in announcements, bill changed to ballot questions. Five College Program Board changed to student Coordinating Board.

in minutes: Pride Alliances should be Pride Alliance.

In special orders: take out the sentence:" and that the vice president call a special meeting)

in unfinished business: Bob changed to Ben.

approved as amended.

V report of treasurer


TYPO: 1947.43 dollars

Sailing club: 600 dollars

Random Party by WAMH : 0


Entrepreneur: 35 dollars

H2O: 250 dollars

SSDP: 375 dollars

AIKYA: 210 dollars

ACDC: 0 dollars

Total of 3417.43 dollars, all spent

Jeff moved to pass the report.

Representatives from the WAMH :the party should be granted funding, it's valuable.

Matt: if we increase that funding which means would decrease others' funding. It only affect a few students.

Mike: can you(WAMH) get money from So-co?

Stacey and Christian asked what exactly the party was.

Mike: called the question. Mihailus opposed.

Luke: So-co would be a better place to go to for money.

Mihailus: motion to grant 500 dollars to WAMH (money taken from TYPO). seconded.

Discussion: Jeff: So-co has quite a bit of money left. So-co is the place WAMH should go to.

Ryan: So-co has money left.

Mike: we don't need to fund everything if other groups have money left. Called the question.


Mihailus: can't leave these people to go to So-co due to the rumor.

Paris: yield to Mihailus. Mihailus: WAMH should be granted the money.

Paris: TYPO is a more important program. Called the question.

Mike: moved to question. seconded.

Vote: 15 in favor, 10 against to voting. motion failed, discussion continues.

Elan: TYPO affects more people, but we have given quite enough of money to it. WAMH should receive the funds.

Lincoln: TYPO is the most popular program on campus. This allocation would give one-fifth upperclassmen to go. The shift of allocation would reduce the number of students that will be able to go to TYPO.

Mike: echo what Lincoln said. There is no other money for TYPO.

moved the question, seconded.

Vote: 18 to 5 in favor of voting.

Vote on the amendment (allocation of 500 dollars to the party) (5 in favor, 19 against, 1 abstain)

Discussion had been called my Mike to pass the budgetary recommendation.

Vote: 23 in favor, 1 opposed 1 abstention.

Budgetary recommendation passed.


VI: Special Order:Brief Constitutional Revision.

Andre: no problem with tabling.

Luke: we would not get it done, so why not tabling.

Elan: I would like to discuss the issue.

Andre: 25 minutes, nothing is going to happen.

Mike motion to table. seconded.

vote: passed.


VII: New business

a. discussion on dinning service survey on the ballot (4/22) deal with guests passes, if the students would like to actively participate in dining decision making process, and to see if hours need to be extended, to see if there is the need to provide more meal plans. (Ian)

Discussion: Matt moved to put the survey on the ballot. seconded.

Dan: the survey is going to be biased, biased by the people who vote.

Will: if you don't vote, it's your problem.

Matt: you can only vote on the survey.

Lincoln called the question. Vote: 22 in favor, 2 against, 1 abstention. Survey will be on the ballot tomorrow.

b. distinguished teaching award.

Mike motioned to close the meeting. seconded.

Angie: if Mira would like to stay.

Luke: withdraw the issue for a minute.

Now is discussion for the non-binding survey (discussed last week)

Luke: the issue should be on the next fall's ballot. Make a motion to transfer the issue on the next fall ballot. (motion to override what Ben proposed) seconded.

Discussion: Paris: if the issue is not on the ballot tomorrow, then there would be a lot of speculation.

Matt agreed with Paris. Luke: bad idea to put it at the last minute.

Ben called the question. Elan opposed. Ryan: i strongly recommend to put it on the ballot now. Elan: we should not restrict petitions. It's not really our power.

Paris: last minute issue, it's quite late to talk about this.

Luke: the constitution does require the issue to be publicized, putting it on the ballot at the night before does not give the opportunity of publicity.

Mike: 5 minutes ago we voted to put something on the ballot, why should we not do the same thing again. Called the question. seconded.

Vote: 16 in favor, 7 against. Passed. Voting by voice to see if the issue should be on the ballot. fails. Mike asked for a count. In favor: 5 , opposed 17, abstention: 2

The issue would be on the ballot.

Caleb: discussion of first-year counsel project. Motioned to approve the first-year counsel project for 250 dollars.

Elan: where will it be taken place. Ian: on the track field.

Angie called the question, vote: passed unanimously, 24-0-0.


Motion to close the meeting. seconded. meeting closed.


In discussion of Distinguished Teaching Award.

Andre: professor Servos is energetic, outside of the classroom, he is extremely passionate.

Matt: professor Griffiths enjoys teaching more than anything else.

Paris: do we vote at the end?

Jeff: professor Dickenson is a science teacher but she really makes the subject interesting.

Lincoln: all the nominees are great teachers. But Servos is really committed to teacher.

Ben: Griffiths is a big part of the community.

Jesse: moved to vote, seconded.

Vote: (vote for two professors first) 6 for Dickenson, 20 for Griffiths, 19 for Servos.

Jeff moved to the second round of voting.

second round of voting (between Griffiths and Servos) (private vote)

14 for Griffiths and 6 for Servos.

Griffiths will receive the 2002-2003 Distinguished Teaching Award.


First Annual Bodak Award


Senior Distinction Award

Lincoln: motion to open up the meeting

vote: passed.

Jesse: the budgetary committee has done a good job and standing ovation to everyone!

Andre:non-senators judiciary committee members need to be recognized.

Alex: thanks to Esther, Candy and Matt.


Final Remark from the Vice President

Lincoln: recognize the special contribution of the e-board. Luke seconded. Vote to recognize the e-board. (passes unanimously)


Adjourn (11:02)