SEPTEMBER 01, 2001


01/09/01: First SGO meeting RETREAT



Alexandra Linden, Lincoln Mayer, David Jaquette, Anne Warren, Jesse Freedman, Eric Osborne, Tom Fritesche, Shivang Shah, Mike Stevens, Tom Scott-Craig, Rocio Digon, Alex Ulianov, Julie Babayan, Michelle Flood, Bob Razavi, Andrew Sutton, Benjamin Baim, Livia Angiolillo, Blake Sparrow, Amy Summerville, Zeeya Jamal, Anisha Cumber, Will Johnson, Michelle Oliveros-Larsen, Stacy Kennard


Irvin Rakhlin, Jun Matsui, Bradford Coffey, Sam Charap, Alex Linden, Marisol Thomer, Caetie Ofiesh, Seth Birnbam, Jake Kaufmann



Will: SFC briefing.

Subcommittee-club will now have a funding cap, clubs will be organized into a tier system where funds will be allocated according to needs, each tier is only eligible for certain amounts of money. This is for more efficient budget allocation, there are still funds available for discretionary funds….

Allows for less wastage of funds, more accountability.


Bob: still have same total funds? Yes, largest freshman class, thus more money is being allocated to the sfc but its still proportionally the same.

Jesse: What about new clubs? Any club can get discretionary funds, now to start a new club and get funding the process is more extensive to be recognized.

Bob: If clubs don’t use all the money in their budget will they be penalized? Appreciated if clubs would notify SFC about funds not being used because money can then be taken out of club budget and reallocated.


Michelle: attendance, projects: meal plan, tunnel to hills lot,



Blake:Meal plan: $100 seems skimpy/marginal

272 people went for the meal plan option, still

Andrew: people put off by losing one meal, ie. Skip lunch instead of lunch

Michelle: still can use card to swipe for breakfast if only once in a while, maybe people didn’t understand its $100 per semester



Michelle: Theme house reforms being implemented now, all have operating costs $60 per person per semester, rest of the money put in a pool and will be used as discretionary funding for theme houses…Sam Haynes, and Chari will be overseeing the requests for funding



Security issues: Campus police releasing all information about students, SGO should find out campus opinion.



Constitution: Needs to be re-edited in its entirety, Julie, Bob, Blake and Tom….all interested in revamping the constitution as a whole.



Need to appoint a new health service liason and maybe creating a new position for a parking liason to keep up to date.



Phone service: interested in actively working on getting free phone service…maybe increasing activities fee, but ultimately trying not to increase fees, one option is to try to include phone fees in overall tuition that financial aid can be applied. Eric and Alex want to be involved.


Feedback: Need to get feedback from people from over the summer, elections etc.

Constitution printed in handbook is entirely wrong, published the old, not current version from the beginning of last year.

Michelle: renovations on freshman housing are starting up.



Huge symposium on September 15, celebrating 25 years of coeducation. SGO is sponsoring a photo exhibit, lots of pictures of old white men, so we are going to be integrating the role of women on campus as we see it.



Jesse: SGO is really seen by campus when members of the student body are directly involved. Jesse believes the vote on Andrew Epstein’s project last semester was the most important because we were seen as affecting the whole campus. Need to be keep campus updated on what we are doing.

Jesse: Report to student body monthly/bi -monthly on what we have accomplished in The Student

Tom: Michelle should do a State of the union/school address, presidents note/letter speech to address the student body on issues the SGO is working on.

Lincoln: Avoid making a laundry list, it should be a proper piece. Focus on one issue a month

Tom: Should make student body aware of upcoming issues that we are making moves to tackle…a forecast of upcoming things.


Michelle: wants to hold a retreat/symposium and invite executive boards from other schools to find out about their issues. For example funding, security, parking, housing… do we have as much leeway, do we have the same issues pull as other student governments, are was as efficient. zeeya and michelle on it.

Tom: printers in the science library, ben on library committee, on it, also no change for copies, give them a change box/float.


Eric O: Only one change machine on campus, campus center and half the time its broken. Michelle will look into it.


Michelle: Parlimentarian will be regulating at the upcoming meetings and will refresh our memories on Robert’s rules of order.



Livia: Feels that disciplinary actions are subjective depending on who you are, system is a mockery, not an effective system and there is a pervasive attitude campus wide.

Michelle: Administration can’t really disclose that information.

Lincoln: Academic dishonesty- needs to be reformed,no standard/guidelines for professors on plagerism need to do something.

Ben: disciplinary committee must send out an information sheet to student body on the College’s policies on disciplinary action, who is on the committee and what the roles of the committee are.



Bob: seth fitz, still IT liason, need to appoint someone else., by cutting back MP3 sites, has it made a big difference in our networking system? Have to check into it.


Need a calendar. Should get involved with the calendar sent to freshies, and parents. Year reps should get involved so that pictures can be pulled, sgo should be involved because lack of funding.


Biggest complaints: parking, food, housing






ERIC OZ: with housing reform is the parking also going to be reformed,

Lincoln: raise permit fees so that get reserved spaces, already have some degree of privilege to have a car in the first place.

Alex: Having permit fees raises demographic issues as well as class issues

Eric OZ: hassle to get around on campus as a freshman on the bus system, to restrict sophmores from parking as well as freshman would heighten the problems

Michelle: Parking is a barrier b/c it’s a matter of convenience, but it does affect the quality of light.

Julie: other schools have more expensive permits

Lincoln: could have a crap lot with shuttle.

Stacey: redrawn lines, more efficient use of space instead of parallel to accommodate more faculty.

Room draw type thing for parking

Plan: get campus angry…dialogue, article, start some sort of discourse


School mascot: add it to the survey.