1-February 1999, 9:00 PM

Converse Red Room

President Tom Gray called the meeting to order at 9:05 PM and asked for Committee Reports.

Class of 1999 President Andrew Galvin announced that he was planning Senior Week, and that 99 Days would be taking place that weekend.

Class of 2001 President David Azoulay said that he was planning a sophomore dessert night and arts festival, as well as a class scavenger hunt.

Class of 2002 President James Orraca-Tetteh said he was putting together a class variety show and an intramural athletic tournament.

The Advisory Committee on Honorary Degrees, now generally known as the Commencement Committee, was sad to announce that their first choice for Class Day Speaker had declined the invitation. They invited their second choice and are waiting to hear back.

The Admissions and Financial Aid Committee announced that they would be dominating the next meeting. The faculty members of the committee would be coming as well and they would be discussing their recent research and meetings on admissions policy.

Tom explained that the Committee on Discipline could not attend the SPC meeting because they were adjudicating their first case at that very moment.

The Committee on Physical Education and Athletics was preparing for this weekend, when the first NESCAC student advisory committee would be meeting at Tufts.

The Trustee Advisory Committee on Student Life recently met with the Trustees and tried to challenge the Trustee's view of the college by arguing that it might not actually be as diverse, academically perfect, or flawless as the Trustees might believe. They said the Trustees were very defensive about the issue and that they were planning a panel discussion on student life issues to take place during the Trustees' next visit.

The Library Committee was looking at library technology, and had recently ordered new Imac computers for the Library.

The Student Finance Committee announced that it would be holding its Policies and Procedures meeting and Appeals night in the near future. They also noted that Jon Prokup '99 was continuing to look into SFC inefficiency and fraud.

The Black Student Union announced that it was preparing for Black History Month. The International Student Association is preparing its annual dinner, as well as a UNESCO lecture and a night of European music.

Vice President Rebecca Stair '00 opened a discussion on the idea of creating a small SFC financial aid fund to help low-income students afford to participate in club sports. The Ski Team, for example, has $300 dues and members need to have or purchase equipment. The Crew Team has $100 dues. These costs are high despite the fact that the SFC pays much of the clubs' expenses. Many students cannot afford to pay the dues and thus can't participate.

Brennan Griffin '99 raised concern that it would be very difficult to maintain confidentiality of financial aid information if the SFC needed to confirm a student's need.

Adam Lessler '01 noted that the Horseback Riding Club has created a similar subsidy program to help members pay for expensive riding lessons.

Vanessa Olivier '01 was surprised to hear that there was a Riding Club on campus and asked if a comprehensive list of student groups could be made easily available. Many noted that this was a perennial issue worth returning to at a later time.

SFC Chair Eric Buddish '00 made the point that student activities fee money was meant to be used only for all-campus activities, and that its use to support specific students would need to be approved by a student body vote.

Dave Berman '99 questioned whether students deserved to have these clubs paid for. He said that there was no innate right for a student to be able to participate in any club he or she wanted.

James Dubick '99 expressed concern that such a program would be very expensive, but Tom said that the aid program would only be for those students with tremendous need.

Tom closed the discussion and noted that he hoped to pursue this issue more in the future. In addition, he brought up his personal distaste for the state of social dorm basements - they are filthy, underfurnished, and underutilized - and promised to bring back that issue at some future time.

Rebecca announced a number of upcoming events. She noted that on Sunday, Jesse Jackson would be speaking in an event partially sponsored by the SGO. Also, on Thursday, American Pictures would be taking place in Johnson Chapel. On March 3rd, Cornel West would be speaking.

Tom opened a final discussion. He said that Dr. Clapp of Health Services had approached him searching for input on the service at the health center. Tom asked for feedback.

Bilal Muhammad '99 said that the walk-in hours should extend past noon.

Dave Berman said that Health Services had violated confidentiality at many times in the past.

Divya said that it would be useful to have an optometrist available.

Bilal also noted that better resources to explain the college's insurance plan were needed.

Josh Fischel '00 asked if weekend hours would be possible.

Vanessa made a move to adjourn the meeting, which Bilal seconded. Passed on a voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

James Dubick

Recording Secretary, SGO.