1-December, 9:00 PM

Converse Red Room

President Paul Rieckhoff offered opening remarks. The faculty, at their meeting of next week (9-Dec), would probably not reach discussion of the newly restructured Code of Conduct (reworked by the College Council) -- because of housing concerns -- so we must wait for their February meeting for that discussion and, hopefully, vote. President Gerety is doing well in his recovery, and should resume his full duties by next semester.

A point stressed by Paul was the difficulty he has been having with 'ambitious' and 'well-meaning' students scheduling meetings with Dean Lieber, President Gerety, etc., without informing Paul. This leads to students wasting the powers-that-be's time, when instead they could just address often already answered questions to Paul. Repetition of conversations with Lieber and Gerety undermines our credibility, as a student body, in dealings with them.

Funding has been approved for opening Frost library at 10AM on Sunday mornings. We are all thankful for the 'new math' employed in the process.

President Gerety has approved the issuing of guest passes, probably two per student, for next semester. The passes will probably be encoded into our ID's.


Student Life: Frank Bria spoke of his and Eric Budish's conversation with Ty Lorenzo, general manager of the Lord Jeff bookstore, re high book prices. He also met with Dean Lieber, and the SGO will explore options to encourage competition, perhaps either a student-run co-op, or an arrangement with one of the large internet bookstores. Frank also met with the parking powers-that-be, in an effort to reinstate the warning, and to address the 'flickering lights' issue. Lastly, Dean Lieber wants to form a cable committee, to formalize the channel switching process launched by Frank and Tom Gray.

Vanessa Olivier wants to enhance the freshman advising program, perhaps by encouraging more interactions between students and their advisors, and perhaps, as suggested by Todd Sutler, by instating some sort of older-student mentoring situation.

Todd Sutler informed the SPC of the results of the Review and Recognition committee meeting, those being the approval of 10 of 17 proposed clubs, and the de-recognition of the Spectator, for irresponsible behavior.

Rob Blood, Social Council advisor, is seeking ways to make the SoCo officers more visible on campus.

Commencement will be held facing Johnson chapel.

Todd Sutler is exploring ways to hold TAP in Frost Library.

The Security Advisory Committee is working on getting more lighting on the hill, and installing a new phone in front of Seligman.

Admissions and Financial Aid: Jane Reynolds is leaving on Feb 1st. The marketing advising committee wants to push back its new publications until spring of '99.

Treasurer Jim Mastrangelo wants to increase the SGO operation budget from 1.5% to 3% of the Student Activities Fee. This would be very helpful to Class Presidents. Jim will probably propose this formally at the next SPC meeting.

First order of business was Todd Sutler's proposal to abolish co-presidencies and co-chairmanships. He had proposed this at the first meeting of the year, where it failed. However, the recent R&R meeting shed light on the difficulties of co positions, as the co-presidents ('98 and '00) abstained on several votes. Todd opened the discussion up to debate.

Jim- originally a fan of co positions, now has come round to agree with Todd, after the R&R meeting.

Rebecca Stair- moved to table the vote, Chuck Cassidy seconded, forgetting that, as is to be discussed he and Rebecca are technically the same person.

Todd- perhaps one of the co-presidents should be designated the 'voter'.

Jim- or perhaps we should prohibit abstention on substantive issues.

Emily Glasgow - raised the point that abolishment of co-positions won't discourage involvement, but rather might spread it out.

What followed was a lengthy discussion of the idea of incorporating a Vice President position into our system, thereby allowing the "two-heads discussion effect" while avoiding the "two-heads voting effect". Should this VP be the second place vote-getter? Or appointed by the President? Or should Pres and VP run as a ticket?

No conclusion was reached on these points beyond the initial aforementioned establishment of the two-body paradox. A motion to recess for 10 minutes to craft the language of Todd's bill was passed. It reads: "Any single SGO position shall be filled by no more than one student." It was unanimously held by the Executive Council to be a procedural amendment, passable by a three-fourths majority of the SPC. It passed, 23-6-0.

Next order of business was a brief discussion of the Lord Jeff prices issue. Amy Friedman argued that a 10% premium/markup is not that unreasonable, and should be tolerated because of convenience, loyalty, etc.. Frank felt that "it should also be noted that their manager is a total prick." One SPC member pointed out that the intrinsic value of a small business is the service, but that we do not receive good service from the Lord Jeff.

A motion to adjourn until the next meeting of 2-Feb 1998 at 9PM was passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Budish

Recording Secretary, SGO.