AAS Minutes



I. Attendance

II. Call to Order at 9:03 p.m.

III. Approval of the minutes: Minutes approved.

IV.  Officer Reports:

  Mike Simmons

o  Thanks to all the Senators for joining the Senate.

o  Goal: Attempt to change the AAS to something different. There has to be a change in accountability, to diffuse responsibility. We will act as a team, and are on the side of the students. We need to take simple-behind-the-scenes baby steps to change Amherst one step at a time to produce big results.

o  Senators, please summarize your aspirations for this semester. If you follow this process, you will avoid the humiliation of lassitude.

o  I will be there for you through thick and thin, I will be here to work with you.

o  Older members should act as council to orient new members. Please be timely and responsive to emails. This lack of response won us jeers previously. Working together will greatly enhance our own reputation.

o  Everyone should be coming to Senate from a positive standpoint. There should be a system of weekly reports. We should exercise fairness in budgetary issues, but remember when it is time to seek money elsewhere. If something doesn’t look right, please speak up.

o  I encourage you to use our administrative advisors; they can make our lives much easier and navigate administrative processes. Please don’t try to take yourself too seriously only the work you do.

o  Your fellow students need you, to coordinate and use common sense to bring them an improved campus.

  Noah Isserman

o  Vice president

o  I am here to move things along, and to make Senate less adversarial then in the past.

  Richa Bhala

o  Treasurer

o  I am here to improve the reputation of AAS on campus, and to make budgetary process more accessible to students.

  Austin Yim

o  Secretary

o  I want to help the AAS communicate better with the student body and have better communication in the e-board. I want to realize the secretarial duties in the Constitution.

  Ryan Smith

o  JC Chair

o  I am looking forward to getting your amendments before the Senate does. It will be easier to talk over and fine-tune with 5 people rather than 32. If you have any club questions, please ask the JC. The JC serves as the check-and balance.

III.  Announcements

Emily Silberstein: Meeting on focus groups. 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Wieland Common Room.

IV.  Special Orders

  AAS involvement in Katrina relief

  BC recommendations

-  No B.C. recommendations

  Office hours start this week

  Discretionary requests are open

  Richa’s new proposal:

  Met with Social Council heads, will pass bylaw to J.C. in the near future.

  There will be Social Council Committee seats for Senators (participatory members, but votes may not be given to these members). The purpose is to build a direct link and to avoid the pointing of fingers without knowledge of facts.

  She plans to ask Master General Fund clubs for budgets (e.g. Social Council, Program Board, and Olio).

  Motion to have a “Welcome to Amherst” luncheon where new students, Senators and of the dorms affected.

  May look like favoritism; administration will be more-than-willing to fund this, and there is no necessary reason for the AAS to fund this

  Encourage interested Senators to join the administration in charge of welcoming these new students Wednesday at 8:00, Front Room, there will be a meeting of the point people

  Avi Das nominate Janice Djabatey to be the point person for the AAS.

  Motion withdrawn.

  Request to obtain names of the 25 students and assign them as constituents of the Senators as soon as possible.

o  Possibilities

1.  Benefit party to raise money

2.  There is a huge list of things to do, please email the point people, or go to

3.  Hang out with the new students from New Orleans

4.  Each member could help out at one of the already organized event donate a special skill

o  Motion to table discussion until after B.C. recommendations. Motion passes.

o  If scheduling conflicts with committees cannot be worked out, then some Senators will resign from the committees.

o  Dean of Faculty’s website is a list of all the chairs of committees.

V.  Adjournment (10:14 p.m.)