Affirmative Action Committee:

Great numbers for this years incoming class, 35% students of colour, makes us the most racially diverse of the small colleges.

Capitol Campaign raised 270 million, need more money for dorms, geology, scholarships, quantitative skills center.

45% of students receiving aid from college, among the lowest averages for loan borrowing among our peers.

Last year, $88 million budget, $45 million surplus, Endowment value increased to $912 million. This year’s budget is $90 million.



Reminders to committees that they must report to the senate about what was covered at their meetings. I f committees meet less regularly, must still report that you didn’t meet. This will be in effect as of Dec 3, our next meeting.


SFC Business:

Irv: what exactly was unprofessional

Amy: Belief, hard to explain SFC’s behavior outside the notion of the SFC holding a grudge

Irv: was there any concrete evidence.

Michelle: refers to anything as broad as attitude, anything that got into the conversation besides the order of business at hand, ex. emotions were involved, rudeness etc.

?: What happened to the Crew team funding

Michelle: Crew team was given discretionary funding by the SGO

? Why did the discretionary come from SGO, and how was this report formed exactly

Committee consensus was that the SGO would cover where the SFC slacked

Everything in this report was included based on a committee majority

Irv: what was the money spent on,

Will: key deposit, pizza, SGO assistant, webmaster for election, co-education “Images of Co-educaiton” and crew

Jesse: How was the decision to give this money to the crew team justified, and how often does the SGO use their money for this sort of thing.

Michelle: E-board basically comes to a consensus when funds need to be allocated to other organizations.


In the crew thing, Michelle made the decision because she was under the impression that it was the president’s discretionary not the whole SGO’s discretionary, so money was accidentally overdrawn due to miscommunication


? Role of SFC assistant “problematic”

Amy: Paid employee’s role is to secretarial role, not allowed to offer opinions or participate in discussions unless referred to, not that SFC assistant is problematic but rather the role that is performed is ambiguous.


? Professionality of SFC:

Irv, I offered to turn over emails to the committee about how the crew team could seek other sources of funding, and I feel I was very professional.

Michelle: you had the option of presenting those before we made our recommendation

Licoln: I have the impression that SFC was mismanaged, or does the SFC not have enough resources


Will: we are supposed to have 2 assistants, each having specific roles with the different accounts, and it varies year from year on how many assistants are employed. This semsester there wasn’t as much action, but we will need another assisatant, George works 10-13hrs a week on average.


? How was funding allocated to club sports

Irv: I allocate funds based on a rough average percentage, crew team didn’t hand in budget on time, so more money was allocated to other club sports (didn’t expect a Crew budget),

Mike: if budgets of previous years weren’t looked at, that is a huge problem, SFC should realize they are at fault and Looking at percentages is not an appropriate way of allocating funding.

Meredith: Since crew came forward, there seem to be other clubs that are having similar concerns but aren’t coming forward for fear of losing funding later.

Sam: these complaints seem to be based on the fact that clubs aren’t getting enough money, athletic clubs are using up a huge amount of SFC funds.

Michelle: club sports are looking to SFC because they are no longer varsity sports, they have to come to SFC to exist, and the athletic department will not fund them.

Amy: we are focusing on the functioning of SFC not so much the allocation of funding.

Lincoln: SFC seems handicapped in assessing budgets more thoroughly

Mike: SFC: deals with a lost of our money, there should be an adult sitting on this committee to increase its efficiency

Eric: provide more faculty advising

? how feasible is it for subcommittees to meet

Irv: practicality of all the sub-committees meet together to discuss budgets, In my committee there are 15 groups, all 15 groups being biased to getting the money in their own budget won’t work

Julie: section 4b, Irv said he is getting a feel for it as it goes, is there a handbook that they should follow

Will: I am updating a copy right now for SFC, clubs always bring up constructive criticism,on ways SFC can improve, last time handbook policies/procedures was revised was in 1998.

Eric: motion to form an ad-hoc committee

Ben Baum Irv Rahklin, Meredith Block, Julie Babayan, Eric Ozborne, Caetie Ofiesh, Amy, Bob Razavi, Mike Flood, Michelle Dave Babbott volunteered for the committee.


It isn’t practical for SFC to follow constitutions as opposed to precedence at this time of the semester and because of R&R , so SFC will follow constitution

Caetie: Motions to have Irv sit on the committee ex-officio, 20motion to pass, 7 opposed, 1 abstention, passed

James OT: a specific fund for piano’s in all dorms to be tuned, where can I go to find out more about this fund…talk to us after the meeting

Meetings: lack of agendas, SFC only thing we have addressed, need parliamentary procedure, why was the SGO discretionary spent.

Michelle: senate’s responsibility to produce items for the agenda, but I will now on keep old business on agendas to keep this rolling. Takes full responsibility for spending SGO funds without considering anyone else.

We will discuss the idea of senate meeting following parliamentary procedure, Seth will come up with some ideas.