Student Policy Committee
Minutes - September 11, 1995

SGO President Dave Brown '98 opened the first meeting of the Student Policy Committee by discussing what went on at the SGO Retreat. Approximately half of the SPC participated in the retreat, which included a trip to Sargent's Camp in New Hampshire, and Riverside Amusement Park. After this discussion, it was decided that the SPC will meet permanently on the first Monday of each month at 9PM.

Dave Brown presented the SPC with a temporary set of rules to work under until a permanent set can be agreed upon by the SPC.

There were no committee reports presented because most groups either did not meet or just had introductory meetings.

The Executive Council presented the SPC with the idea of adding RC's to the Student Policy Committee. This idea provoked a lot of discussion, with members of the Student Policy Committee arguing for and against it. It was argued that since the RC's are not elected from the student body at large, there is no place for them on the SPC. If they were to serve on an ex-officio position, what would be the incentive of serving on the SPC when they have many other commitments? Also where would they be the most effective if they served on the SPC?

The SPC would be better served, it was argued, if they were members of the Student Life Committee. Not only do they know administrative policy, they are in constant contact with members of the administration. Additionally there was discussion on how many should serve. It was argued that four RC's should serve on the SPC, with representatives from each AC group. Josh Roffman moved to table the discussion until someone spoke to Dean Boykin-East. Motion Seconded and passed.

The next discussion centered on adopting a set of working rules for SPC meetings. A motion to pass the submitted, temporary rules was seconded and passed.

New Business

A member of the SPC suggested that we add the Campus Activities Board to the Student Policy Committee. Among the debate, the questions: How would they help, and should this issue be a priority now, dominated the discussion.

The International Students Association (ISA) approached members of the SPC about getting a seat on the SPC. It was agreed that someone needs to talk to members of ISA before any action would be taken.

Jason Heindl asked what the Executive Council had said when they went to the freshman dorms. During the retreat there was talk of writing a letter to the student body. This letter would have reiterated the administration's policy on fraternities. What was the status of that letter, he asked. Brown told the SPC what was said; he also told them about the Executive Council's meetings with Dean Lieber and President Gerety.

During the retreat Charlie Thompson approached the SPC with the idea of changing from Pepsi to Coke. Dining Services asked would need some kind of consensus from the student body, and Danny Sokol asked when this decision to change could be made. Sokol motioned to vote on whether the SPC wanted Coke . The vote was seconded, and discussion followed on whether to vote. It was mentioned that the campus now has Pepsi because of Coke's investments in South Africa in 1980's. A motion was made to table until we received some literature on Coke. The motion was seconded and passed.

Brendan Hicks asked what kind of power the Student Policy Committee really had. Is there really a student voice on the SPC? Itai Grinburg asked how the SGO can establish credibility and legitimacy. In order to establish legitimacy, we should take positions on different issues, argued Emily Reich.

A motion was made to ask President Gerety to come and talk to the Student Policy Committee about his proposal to review residential life. The motion is seconded and passes. The Executive Council would invite Gerety.

The discussion turned back to the power of the Student Policy Committee. Do we need, as suggested by one member, more discussion on what this body should do? Should we act as an information group? Do we need to have more focused agendas? Are our agendas focused enough? If there is anything useful about the SPC, what is?

Motion to convene. Motion seconded and passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawson Her Many Horses '98

Secretary, Student Government Organization

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