SGO Minutes March 11, 2002



Scarab Society:

Scarab society collection of student leaders, seniors, chosen by committee of faculty and administration, about 10 % of the class, will be members that show outstanding leadership and will represent students from all areas of student life. Wants it to go to referendum in the next election. Isn’t sure what exactly the society will do, left it very open ended for student body to vote and make the decision.


Results for Election:

SFC Sub Committee: Drew Foster

Class President ’04: David Bugge

Vice President: Matt Moses



Amendment made by Eric Osborne regarding college council and their role in events for their class vs events for the school and their connection to class presidents. Discussion on the feasibility of the $25 addition to comprehensive fee for this semester/optional class dues. Majority straw vote in favor on not having the comprehensive fee raised. Majority vote in favor of the amendment (without the $25 fee)


Amendment made by Lincoln Meyer to change the language on p5 of the re-written constitution. Regarding language of 2yr positions applying to the last elections where senators that hold 2 yr positions now still are senators for the next year without having to run again, there would then be over representation in some classes but they would only be able to vote as a member of the senate they would not be able to hold any other positions. Vote; 12 favor 15opposed 4 abstentions. Not Passed.


Exceptionally long discussion on the topic of diversity seats, no consensus was reached, will continue discussion later.


Judiciary Council section 7. The check point that is completely new in the constitution.

Going to make an unfriendly amendment, so we can vote

3 issues:

All members from student body

1 senator

3 non senators, 2 senetors and 1non voting (judiciary chair); wins in majority vote

as it stands now as written


and how those 2yr positions function when held in the middle of the yr (for the candidates to hold the 2 yr position they must be reelected to senate the following year to continue to hold their seat in the 2 yr committee positionshi)