AAS Minutes



I. Attendance

II. Call to Order at 9:10 p.m.

III. Approval of the minutes: Minutes approved.

IV.  Officer Reports:

·  Ryan

-  Other schools have a published database of where alums that have graduated are working. Would be helpful to current students.

o  Motion to make career center implement this.

-  Skating rink

o  Motion to support the idea of skating rank again. AAS will be involved in helping out in the future.

·  Ian: BC has allotted all the money. If Senate approves of BC recs, then discretionary pot will be gone for the semester.

IV.  Announcements

·  Focus groups are up and running; looking for recorders.

·  Election tonight at midnight.

·  Referendum for MASSPIRG on Senate elections.

V.  New Business

·  General consensus: Skating rink is a terrible idea; it’s tiny. And lumpy. Marx should be convinced to not continue to implement the rink.

·  Debate is ended.

VI.  Special Orders

·  Constitutional amendment: when signing a petition for a constitutional memorandum each class has to have at least 10% votes, and for it has to be reviewed by the JC chair.

o  Amendment to make it 15% of each class.

1.  15% seems like too high of a number; hard to get a hold of Amherst studentsāalso hard if signers will actually read what they are signing

2.  number should be higher; students who do not have full knowledge of the constitution might arbitrarily want to change it

o  Motion to end debate: passes.

o  Motion to raise to 15% fails.

o  Issue will be moved to next week.

·  Approval of Master General Fund; FLICS is out of the fund.

o  Move to approve MGF.

o  Motion to take SOCO and Program Board from MGF.

1.  PB deals with more expensive events than SOCO.

2.  Are they putting on valuable programming?

3.  Programming wouldn’t be as good if they are coming to the BC every week.

4.  Club budgets would allow them both flexibility and non-interference from the Senate.

5.  taking them away from MGF would allow all BC members to keep an eye on their expenditures.

o  Motion to move to question. Motion passes.

o  Master General Fund passes

·  $1000 left in Senate fund; could subsidize boxes for student storage use. Matt moves to put on next election a survey of what students want to spend the leftover $1000: benches, grills, or DVD/TV/VCR in dorms. Motion passes.

·  BC recommendations: $2184.05.

o  WAMH’s request was postponed indefinitely.

o  Debate: Debate is ended.

o  BC recs pass.

VII.  Adjournment (10:39 p.m.)