AAS SENATE MINUTES: Monday 2/10/03 9 PM, Converse Hall Cole Assembly Room

18th Meeting of the ’02-’03 AAS Senate – 3rd Meeting of Spring 2003


I. Call to Order (9:09 PM)

II. Attendance 9:11


III. Reports of Student-Faculty Committees 9:13

Library Committee: The library will be receiving its millionth volume sometime in the next year. The committee has been discussion possible celebrations including a formal event inside the library.

College Council: The College Council is a committee of students, faculty and administration that deals with the social and other issues on campus. First semester, they discussed possibility of an honor code. This semester the Council will be reviewing the theme houses and fees. They also announced the existence of an Interdepartmental fund, I which students can receive funding.

Committee of Priorities and Resources: It acts as an intermediary between faculty and students. Recently they took up budget issues, tuition increases and some faculty issues including maternity leave for fathers and adoption. He explained that the fees are increased the same percentage as the tuition increase.

Committee for Educational Policy: Last year they revamped the honor system. Last semester they considered adding more time slots for classes. There will also be a review of retiring professors, and how FD should be allocated. They also approve courses. They also answered questions about preregistration and explained that the committee is looking for solutions to the problems, and encouraged communication.

Committee of Admissions and Financial Aid: It consists of four faculty, four students and the Dean of Admissions. They were more concerned with admissions this year, and will be taking on the issue of affirmative action.

Committee of Discipline: It consists of two male students, two female students, and two professors that rotate. At any given time, three students and two professors will be present at the hearings. The cases are referred to the by Dean Tuleja if the consequences are leave of one semester or greater.



IV. Open Discussion of Committee Work & Other Campus Issues

Aside from specific committee related questions, the Senate discussed at great length the current student behavior at the College. The senators urged that the Senate take on the responsibility of putting in a better policy or an Honor Code, because the Administration has no interest in an honor code. The Senate resolved to put this issue on the next agenda.


V. Report of the Treasurer 9:52

(The actual values will be posted later)


Amherst Hamster Issue: They never submitted paper work. We paid for outstanding balance, and now we don’t have any. The bill is lost at Collective Copies, and the Hamster is now with Turley.


VI. New Business: BC Funding Recommendations 10:00

BSU asked more additional funding for their trip to DC. They explained that since the hotel is outside of DC, in Baltimore, they thought it necessary to allow ample time for the students to get ready, thus placing only three students per room. The Senate believed that four people per room is perfectly reasonable, and since the BC is funding for 60 people, more people than the bus can hold, it is not necessary for the BSU to receive additional funding. The issue was put to a voice vote, and failed. Mike Flood expressed concerns about funding trips, citing the Outing Club’s trip as an example. Livia responded that since she allocates money objectively, and apply the same standards to all the groups, she did not think it inappropriate. The question was called at 10:15 on BC recommendations.

SEE VOTE 4 BELOW. Motion to pass Budgetary Committee weekly funding recommendations: PASSES 21-1-4


The Senate began discussing the Hamster issue. Many Senators were deeply concerned that a Student organization would blatantly ignore BC funding and act on their whim. No one knows who paid the outstanding bill, nor does Collective Copies acknowledge the existence of such a bill. AS for now the Hamster is working with Turley, with an AAS guided contract. A motion was passed to end new business and extend the meeting for five minutes.


VII. Minutes

Morale not morality

Withdraw and redraw.


VIII. Announcements 10:43

The Judiciary Chair position, the presidency, and several senate seats are open.


IX. Adjournment 10:49


AAS SENATE MINUTES: Monday 2/10/03 9 PM, Converse Hall Cole Assembly Room

18th Meeting of the ’02-’03 AAS Senate – 3rd Meeting of Spring 2003


I. Call to Order (9:09 PM)

II. Attendance 9:11


III. Reports of Student-Faculty Committees 9:13

Luke: Senators have a number of responsibilities. There are a number of committees that have weekly meetings and they serve as advisory or Trustee. They are more relevant to the workings of the campus. This can be a forum for discussion.

Ben: I am on the Library committee. WE haven’t met too much. Library is about to get its millionth volume, so there is a celebration planned. This will be next year. There will be celebration of sorts with speakers and such. They want to open this to students. One of the ideas was to have a formal party at the library at the library. A jacket and tie event inside the library.

Bob: A straw poll.

Mike: I am on the College Council, a committee of students, faculty and administration that deals with social issues of the college and other issues. First semester we didn’t do much. We talked about honor code. Then we took a tour of old frat houses. We will be reviewing room draw, theme houses and fees.

Elan: College Council has a subcommittee, the interdepartmental fund. If you can’t get money from the AAS you can go there. If you are ever looking for funding, and don’t get all from the AAS, then that is another avenue you can take.

Luke: The committee of priorities and resources. TI acts as an intermediary between faculty and students. A clearinghouse for any issues. We took up budget issues, and tuition increases, and some faculty issues, including maternity leaves for fathers and adoption. Nothing of grand relevance to the student body.

Rocio: The committee for educational policy. Last year we revamped the honor system. Last semester we looked at course time and adding more time slots. There is also review of adding and retiring professors, and how FD should be allocated. There is a special committee on Amherst education where course work and academics is going at Amherst. WE may add an administrator to CEP. WE also do course approvals.

Stacy: The Committee and Admission and Financial Aid. Four faculty, four students and Dean of Admissions. We discussed more admission than financial aid this year, and will be talking about affirmative action.

Julie: We met with an analogous committee at Williams. They have mostly administrators.

Lincoln: Committee of Discipline consists of two male and two female students and two professors that rotate. At any give time, three students and two professors. Meets on an ad hoc basis. The actual proceedings are confidential but the structure is pretty standard.

Bob: Any discussion? I will take hands.

Will: this is for Lincoln. Has there been any discussion on the nature of the system or are student aware of how it works?

Lincoln: We are to follow rules.

Will: DO people on the committee feel a need for reexamination?

Lincoln: I can’t speak for the committee.

Ben: For Lincoln. How are cases referred to the discipline committee? The way that works is that if your case has a potential for one semester potential or greater, it may come to the discipline committee. Also if facts are in dispute, the case may be referred to the committee. Dean Tuleja would be the first resort, then it may be referred to us. Chief Carter is not of necessity involved.

Elan: Luke, in the CPR, the tuition increases, how does it work?

Luke: Our fees are tied to tuition. For instance student activities fee increases by the same percentage every year.

David Chen: For CEP, you said that you discussed preregistration. What was the nature of it?

Rocio: WE want to alleviate the common preregistration concerns. Such as enrollment, and popular classes, or professor advising time.

David: Will they be implemented?

Rocio: We haven’t arrived at a solution, nor do we think the options we have are ideal.

Jesse: For Lincoln, how much role do the students play in the committee?

Lincoln: The student voices are equally important. The students and professors have mutual respect. Students do outnumber the faculty.

Angie: Two faculty and three students. When we vote at the end, each vote counts equally.

Ben: Lincoln, I want to be clear about Dean Tuleja’s role. Is it true that it’s at her discretion that a case is referred?

Lincoln: there is a guideline set, and she would make decisions based on those guidelines.

Will: Lincoln, so all roads lead to Dean Tuleja. Say if I want to file a grievance against someone, and it will eventually end up at Dean Tuleja’s desk? And it would be at her discretion?

Lincoln: It’s in the book. I think its depends on circumstances. If you are asking the disciplinary process, you are asking about pre disciplinary process… As to when the committee gets involved, its when the punishment is one semester or greater, or facts are in dispute.

David Chen: In my mind, preregistration is a problem; it is meaningless for everyone. It seems like everyone has had a bad experience with preregistration, and how those four classes are decided is important. If you acknowledge those as a problem, then what can be done?

Ryan: The problem of too many people wanting to be in a specific class will always exist. Its basically just how best to deal with the problem.

Rocio: Usually, it filters through the committee of six, and allotted the issues. We can also bring things to the table. It’s a dialogue between our committee and the committee of six.

David Chen: Uhm, so is there any way that a normal everyday student such as myself could get involved in the process, even if its simple as sending you an email.

Rocio: Of course. By no means is there closed communication.

Luke: For College Council. Mike could you speak at all about discipline and drinking policy?

Mike: Its difficult to say. We began talking about honor code and discipline but we thought it would not be our thing to speak about discipline. Last semester we talked about ideas, but it wasn’t picked up by the council. We now have new issue.

Elan: The College Council does not have a good structure this year. Right now there is them houses and roomdraw to talk about.

Julie: Lincoln and Angie, so the role of your committee is reactionary? Are you at all proactive?

Lincoln: We can review past cases, but the discipline committee does not compile reports.

Ben: There is in the Faculty handbook, that discipline committee is entirely about hearing cases. There is no legislative clause.

Andre: For College Council, you keep mentioning roomdraw, what’s going on?

Mike: It hasn’t been reviewed in 10 years, and we want to see if it is working and see if it is a fair process.

Elan: It has been asked to be reviewed by the trustees. We don’t know what the specifics are. Dean Boykin-East is working on it.

Will: Are there larger discussions taking place about alcohol policy, residence policy, discipline policy, I see sort of the trails of violence destruction whatever, and as an RC, the number and the severity of the instances we’ve seen, we need a policy now.

Elan: RCs are having discussion?

Mike: There is definitely a discussion in the social dorm area. It’s a discussion that we have had at many times at many levels. It’s definitely an ever present issue.

Stacy: I was wondering if Committee on Athletics and Physical Education has met.

Ben: It’s currently an empty committee.

Jesse: Luke, for the CPR, for the increase in student activities fee. Very few people go to campus center events. Must the fee be increased?

Luke: That’s from campus center fee, and lack of attendance is a bigger issue.

Jesse: Two years ago, I wrote out a proposition for an honor code. Just raise your hand if you are interested in an honor code. I think its unbelievable what goes on this campus. It’s unbelievable.

Tiana: I just wanted to address on to that point, as a student and RC. It’s important.

Lincoln: For the college Council, I wanted to echo and earlier point that we should seek effective use than raise the fee.

Mike: Prof Machala and I met extensively to discuss honor codes, but basically we have been trying to decide on issues. My impression is that the Administration has no interest in having an honor code. I would like to motion to put this on the agenda for next meeting and close this discussion. 9:50

Bob: Voice vote 9:52. Closed discussion.


IV. Open Discussion of Committee Work & Other Campus Issues


V. Report of the Treasurer 9:52

Outing Club 1740 for spring break to Joshua Tree Trip. We gave 1140. We funded everything except the plane tickets.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Club

Hillel to bring NBC correspondent

Amherst College Republicans for Speaker


Amherst Hamster Issue: They never submitted paper work. We paid for outstanding balance, and now we don’t have any.


VI. New Business: BC Funding Recommendations 10:00

Tim: I am speaking for the BSU, and asking for $1000.

Ben: I motion to pass BC funding as is. 10:01

Ryan: How many people are going? The cap is at 50. There are 30 right now but will fill up. I want to amend to give BSU 1000.

Mike: I am going to vote no simply because in my trips 4 people to a room is perfectly acceptable.

Julie: I am confused about the funding trips for small groups of people.

Point of Order: Discussing amendment.

Livia: In response to Mike and Tim. Based on the 4 per room, we are funding for 60 people. Just logistically, its not all four chaperones in one room, and not four people in all rooms.

Mihailis: I don’t think it’s unlivable for four people to a room.

Tim: There will be a presentation about the events that went on.

Bob: Vote 10:06. Voice. Fails. We will continue.

Mike: I want to talk in general about trips and funding them. I guess we are always trying to fund as many people as possible. I understand that it’s related to a club, but I am wary of funding spring break trips.

Geoff: I agree in principle, but I think the skills they will learn as an outing club will be beneficial on campus.

Julie: I am curious as to why that other girl was not funded for a conference. I just want to make sure we are consistent.

Livia: Regarding Sona, she has other options and it benefits the campus center. We also pay for all the other athletic teams to travel. Logistically we are applying all the same rules and measures to all the groups.

Matt: The outing club was pretty clearly advertised. The outing club has made a focused effort benefit other students.

Lincoln: One concern I have is if we start running out of funds, we do need to discriminate. But of course, if there is not a problem of funding, I understand the rationales.

Livia: We are not tight on funds. We are not supposed to be discretionary in that kind of way.

Luke: Call to question 10:15

Bob: 21-1-4 passes

Jesse: Lets be wary of Hamster.

Rocio: What is this $5000.

Livia: The $5000 does not exist. There is no bill.

Mike: I think we should discuss the Hamster issue. The question is they disregarded BD funding. I do not think people who do things like this should be funded.

Geoff: Do we know it was an agent of Amherst College, and it is incredibly shady that the bill doesn’t exist any more? Who paid?

Livia: We don’t know.

Matt: Even if there were a lot of rumors, but to act on rumors would be bad. How did the bill disappear?

Livia: There is no record. All we know is that there was an issue before Christmas. There is no bill. We don’t have any ill relations with Collective Copies. I don’t know how the records disappeared.

Ben: Could you explain what went on?

Livia: I think I did.

Andre: Can we change our practices?

Luke: Is there a reason for us to worry?

Livia: No, as long as they stay with Turley.

Will: So the bill was paid by some entity.

Livia: We didn’t allocate.

Will: They ran a publication, and someone paid for a bill.

Livia: It’s not our problem.

Will: Yes, the situation can happen again.

Livia: It has been paid, and we don’t work with Collective Copies.

Will: But I think the issue is that a group put us in jeopardy. I think the issue is why is it that groups feel like they can get away with this? The one is one too many? Why would groups behave this way?

Mike: I this is appalling. I would like to motion that Livia calls all the publishers and put a spending limit.

Matt: Isn’t that the status quo?

Livia: There is no contract.

Mike: Never mind. It is already done.

Luke: This is a lot of hearsay.

Vivek: Maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt and we should move on.

Ben: I think it’s disgusting. I can’t believe we will allow this. This is outrageous. I think they should be defunded and derecognized.

Mike: There is a general problem where Amherst is wishy-washy.

Angie: I just wanted to say that people start coming on time, and that we don’t spend too much time talking about things that doesn’t need discussion.

Julie: Lets have and all campus forum.

Luke: Motion to end new business, and extend meeting five minutes.


VII. Minutes

Morale not morality

Withdraw and redraw.


VIII. Announcements 10:43

Bob: Jun resigned, and presidency is also vacant. Dave will not be coming back this semester.

Elan: Who is the current JC chair?

Ben: Can you encourage people to run? We really need to fill all these positions.

Jesse: If Bob runs, and Bob wins, we need another election shortly thereafter.

Luke: Aren’t the elections too close? Can we just have an acting vice president?

Caleb: We will have a forum on Thursday in the Campus Center.

Alex: WE should have more projects like the Freshmen class.



IX. Adjournment 10:49




Vote Description:

1) Motion to pass Budgetary Committee weekly funding recommendations: PASSES 21-1-4




Julie Babayan


Ben Baum


Dan Berch


Rocio Digon


Mike Flood


Jesse Freedman


Will Johnson


Stacey Kennard




Kay Bradley


Mihailis Diamantis


Lincoln Mayer


Blake Sparrow


Luke Swarthout


Geoff Walter








Elan Ghazal


Angie Han


Ali Hassan


Maria Jones


Ryan Park


Christian Sanchez


Paige Wallace






Rania Arja


Sameer Bashey


Caleb Deats


Andre Deckrow


Techo Kim


John Lian


Ian Shin


Matt Vanneman







1) Unfortunately, David will not be returning this semester. Since many of you have been contacting me with questions, I’ll briefly clarify the logistics and procedures. Constitution VII.G stipulates that in the event of any Executive Branch vacancy, an election must be held. It also stipulates that in the case of a Presidential vacancy, the Vice-President shall serve as Interim President.


So I’ll be filling in for David as Interim President in addition to my duties as Vice-President, and an election will be held for the position on February 25, as indicated in the green Elections Committee snail-mail announcement of February 7. I will run for the Presidential vacancy, but will remain Vice-President should I fail to win.


2) Also, I’ll be returning to you with information regarding a potential all-campus forum on athletic recruiting and funding for sports teams when the administrators I’ve contacted get back to me. Some of you may know that the College’s athletic recruiting policies have changed drastically over the past few years. At the October 1, 2002 Faculty meeting, Dean of Admission Tom Parker reported that if the policy concerning “athletic admits” continues on its current path, we will be “shaving it very close” to losing our competitive status in athletics.


The forum would not only serve as an intriguing and productive discussion on where we want athletics to be headed, but also serve a valuable informational function since many students are completely unaware of the marked shift. The search for a new College President makes this issue even more pertinent than it already was. This event would be something akin to the very popular and successful forum on financial aid and class issues at Amherst that SGO President Steve Ruckman put on two years back. Do let me know if this is something with which you’d like to be involved if we can get the right administrators on board and get it off the ground, this could be a really great event.