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The online audio, podcasts and photo galleries in the new Multimedia Library (see above story) aren’t the only cool new additions to the Amherst College Website.

For two weeks in April, visitors to the Website could watch the resurrection of extinct mammals, as workers from Research Casting International, of Beamsville, Ontario, reconstructed the skeletons of five extinct animals to be displayed in the atrium in the new Earth Sciences and Museum of Natural History Building. Coming back to life before viewers’ eyes: a mastodon, mammoth, saber-tooth cat, dire wolf, cave bear and Irish elk. See a time-lapse movie of the reconstruction.

Wondering what’s happening right now on the Main Quad? An AmhCam captures the action 24/7. (Things tend to be more interesting during the day than at night.)

Alumni can talk with one another through online discussion groups. Already in place are discussion groups for each class, as well as topical discussion groups for reunion chairs and class officers and alumni interested in information technology. Interested in something not being discussed? Start your own group.

Finally, the Amherst Career Network—an online space that connects Amherst students and young alumni exploring careers—continues to grow, but additional volunteers are always welcome. The network provides a way for students and alumni to arrange informal conversations about career paths and for students to receive support and information. Though primarily a networking vehicle, the Amherst Career Network also offers students the chance to set up shadowing opportunities and short- or long-term internships. To sign up, alumni volunteers provide their educational background, current employment, career path and preferred method of contact. The commitment is completely flexible; alumni can add, remove or update their information at any time. Signing up is easy; go to

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