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College Row


A compilation of recent remarks made at Amherst.

"I didn't go to this school, but I know what 'imminent' means."

The Rev. Al Sharpton, Democratic presidential candidate
Criticizing the justification for the war in Iraq in a speech during Black Alumni Weekend
Johnson Chapel, April 3, 2004

"I spent a large amount of time [last summer] increasing the level of complexity of my wardrobe."

An anonymous male student in the First-Year Seminar Science and Gender, trying to convince classmates in a gender-blind computer chat room that he was female
March 26, 2004

"For years people have tried to solve the problems in agriculture. We're trying to solve the problem of agriculture."

Wes Jackson, president of the Land Institute
In a talk titled "A False Hypothesis: Implications for Culture and Agriculture"
Merrill 4, March 24, 2004

"People ask me what you think about while you're waiting for a launch, and it's this: You think that you're sitting on this machine made up of 2 million parts put together by the lowest bidder."

Sen. John Glenn, former astronaut
Speaking on "The Space Program and Politics"
Johnson Chapel, April 7, 2004

"Being a prostitute who can speak for myself is like Samuel Johnsonfs dog that can walk on its hind legs: It's not how well it's done; it's the fact that it's done at all."

Katy Simon, sex worker
In a panel discussion titled "Prostitution: A Crime?"
Pruyne Lecture Hall, April 28, 2004


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