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College Row

New program connects alumni and students

Alumni are invited to join the Amherst Career Network, an important new resource for Amherst students and young alumni exploring careers. The network is not a job-search tool; rather, it is an opportunity for students and alumni to arrange informal conversations about career paths and for students to receive support and information. Though primarily a networking vehicle, it also may offer students the chance to set up shadowing opportunities and short- or long-term internships. To sign up, alumni volunteers provide their educational background, current employment, career path and preferred method of contact. The commitment is completely flexible\alumni can add or remove their information at any time.

The Amherst Career Network provides its members a way to give something back to the Amherst community and an opportunity to talk with students about their experiences. For more information or to sign up, visit the Amherst Career Network.

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Photo: Frank Ward

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