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College Row


A compilation of recent remarks made at Amherst.

“And when we call to our fellow students to come out to this rally, or to come out to organizing meetings, or when we call to you here, assembled, to continue fighting for change in our country’s actions, that call is one echoed in history. It is a historical call for student involvement, for student action, grounded in necessity. Students have a very special, very vital place in this movement, and in so many recent movements. The struggles for women’s rights, for civil rights, for an end to the war in Vietnam, for the abolition of sweatshops—these are all recent movements that had as a backbone students. Students like us. We see pictures of massive rallies in Washington, D.C., from the ’60s, but we rarely ever see pictures or hear stories of students gathered on campus, sometimes just a handful, organizing rallies, teach-ins, protests.”

Marisol Thomer ’03E
at a Five College rally of students opposed to war in Iraq
November 20, 2002

“It’s difficult for conservatives on a liberal campus. Absolutely. Which is a good thing, a good thing. That’s why I came to Amherst, so I’d be challenged and I’d become a stronger thinker . . . . Amherst is a liberal liberal arts college.”

Ted Hertzberg ’04
on Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes
November 19, 2002

“Fayerweather Hall was not only a commitment by the trustees to put Amherst in the forefront of colleges adapting their curriculum to the experimental sciences, but a determined bid to get in touch with metropolitan fashion. The college had built amply but modestly for its natural history collections since the Civil War—impressive collections of fish skeletons, geological specimens and zoological collections which served a science curriculum still tied to inspiring awe for the wonders of God’s creation. Fayerweather Hall, with its spacious laboratories, was to provide a wholly new type of teaching space.”

Barry Bergdoll, professor of architecture at Columbia University
at the dedication of the newly remodeled Fayerweather Hall
November 8, 2002

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