Faultlines: Mapping Jazz in the 21st Century was a three-year festival curated by Amherst College Assistant Professor Jason Robinson that explored jazz experimentalism and pluralism. The festival offered concerts, workshops, and discussions intended to provide students and community members with opportunities to engage cutting edge musicians working within the diverse styles signified by the word "jazz." The festival aimed to ask difficult questions facing young jazz musicians of the new millennium: What does "tradition" mean in a music marked by diversity and pluralism of styles? How might young musicians imagine themselves within this tradition and as a part of the continued evolution of this tradition? By posing challenging questions and presenting musical styles that thrive on the "faultlines" of jazz, the festival encouraged students to envision themselves as fundamentally important to the future of the music. Faultlines worked in partnership with regional arts presenting organizations, various Five College Music Departments, the Amherst College Department of Music, and course offerings at Amherst College. A big heartfelt thank you goes to the numerous people who helped make the festival a success!

Although the festival has officially concluded, many Faultlines-like events occur regularly within the Music Department at Amherst College. Click here to view the departmental events calendar.

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